Author of the book, "Standing Tall: The Marvel of Our Existence is Incredible"

“Standing Tall” by Donna Lancaster

Life is my teacher. I shall not want...

Titles from the chapters in Donna’s book, Standing Tall

  • “What is” is reality.
  • “What ought to be” is illusion.
  • We are responsible for where we put our attention.
  • We are 100 percent subject to suggestion 100 percent of the time. Life sets up all sorts of situations for us so we can learn.
  • Let Life unfold naturally. Don’t push!
  • Every Challenge is an opportunity to grow.
  • If we are not looking for the ideal, it is easy to make a decision. Fear is wanting to be safe. Safety is an illusion.
  • Depression is another word for self-pity.
  • We lie to be safe.
  • There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.
  • If we do not respond to the circumstances life has given us, they will continue to occur.
  • We would feel fantastic & enjoy ourselves if we dropped all expectations.
  • We are spiritual beings having a human experience.
  • Life is a series of events, all of which will pass.
  • There is no need to defend or justify anything.
  • Surrender: Ceasing to think I know “what ought to be.”
  • Life is the Teacher.
  • Whenever we make anything important, we are anxious.
  • We live in that which we radiate.
  • We cannot control circumstances or how other people treat us. We can choose our responses to circumstances and other people.
  • A conscious person has reverence for all life…
  • and that includes even mosquitoes.