Author of the book, "Standing Tall: The Marvel of Our Existence is Incredible"

2012 May Newsletter #215. What’s Going On?


Dr. Bob Gibson

Misconceptions from infantile decisions and misinformation result in CONFLICT.  Conflict results in FALSE FEELINGS OF EMERGENCY.  False feelings of emergency result in the bodily preparation to fight or run in situations where fighting or running is impossible, resulting in CHEMICAL UNBALANCE AND NEUROMUSCULAR TENSION.  Chemical unbalance and neuromuscular tension result in an uneasy feeling that requires ADAPTATION. This adaptation may take many forms.  One of the most common is unusual cellular activity to release the tension and use up the chemical unbalance to restore the body to a state of equilibrium.  This process is called DISEASE and results in more false feelings of emergency.  (Page 86)


Is peace of mind something one gains or is it what remains after all feelings of emergency are gone?  Can all feelings of emergency be gone while the person still holds misconceptions?  Can a person have peace of mind while he is searching for it?  Does the searcher always have a feeling of urgency?  Can there be peace of mind and a felling of urgency at the same time?

This work is only concerned with getting rid of something so that that which is already there can be expressed in all its wonder.  (Page 67)



Dr. Bob Gibson

Take thy gift where thou wilt.  If thou givest it freely thou canst only give it unto thyself.

Give in order to receive a blessing if thou wilt, but know that such giving is not giving at all in My sight.

Give unto the preacher of different views of My truth to help the view thou seest is right, if thou wilt, but know that such giving is really to serve thine own purpose and accomplish thine own will and is not giving at all.

I require no man to give.  If thou givest because thou thinkest it will please Me, know that I am already pleased with thee and nothing which thou canst do can do can alter My pleasure nor can cause My displeasure.  Thou hast all favor in My sight now and I would not have thee do anything with the object or purpose of gaining My favor.  (Page 22)



Dr. Bob Gibson (Phoenix 1970)

            The word “God” comes from the word “good”, or that which is our good.  It refers to intelligence, power, wisdom, understanding, Life, Spirit, etc.  In other words, God is any one or all of these things.  Simply said, God is “what is.”  The scriptures say that God is love, God is spirit, God is light, God is life, and so on.  When we take a word in our language and define it, we use another word or phrase similar to it.  When you have no similarity for a word, you find words without a definition.  So God refers to an idea, a reality behind the word.  A reality can only be experience—not defined.  You can only experience it by getting off the sensory level.  When you experience it, it needs no definition.



Dr. Bob Gibson (Phoenix 170)

            This is when the person has been raised from death to life.  John said, “We know we have passed from death unto life because we love (understand) one another.”  So until we can raise our level of awareness, until we have love or understanding (agape) and can apply it to ourselves and our fellow men, then we are still dead.  If we can apply agape, then X comes in and forms a union with us.  This is to be resurrected.  We have resurrected that which was dead, which is our awareness.  If our awareness in not resurrected first then a dead body will result from a dead awareness.  Resurrection is the teaching that man can return to the state of being fully aware.  It is not just sensing things and reacting.  The senses teach that man goes from death to life.  We must be spiritually alive before the physical life can be maintained.  Our spiritual self (awareness) must be reborn.



Dr. Bob Gibson (Phoenix 1970)

            This is to read the book of all our conditioning.  This is the book of our life, is it not?  Is it not our beliefs that become the basis of our life or behavior?  This is called self knowledge, when we read the book of our life.  To hear someone say, “She read me like an open book” is not saying, “My thoughts were in a book which she opened up and literally read.”  So it is when we understand on the spiritual level, to read is to understand.  The book may be anything that things are written on.

Are our experiences and beliefs not recorded in our brains?  Could not our brain be considered as a book, as we call a scroll a book or a mirror or anything else that reveals what is there?

So the sensual man interprets literally that the book is a record that a man in a white robe upstairs is keeping in which he watches my every action and marks a little mark down for every little good deed and a big, black mark for every bad deed I do.  “Out of the mind (heart) proceedeth the things of life”, it says.  It is really talking about what is in your mind.




Dr. Bob Gibson (Headlines Page 15, 16)

            Without an understanding of second force, every expectation will be based on an ideal and will result in a sense of disappointment, which produces a feeling of being hurt, and then a look for the cause of being hurt.  This results in the emotions being manifested which mankind is not designed to handle—anger, guilt, fear and insecurity, which are stress and lead to disintegration.

Anger, guilt, fear and insecurity give birth to self-pity, resentment, jealously, greed, hate, etc. and thus every form of violence.

When one is awake to second force, ones’ expectations are based on fact.  The fact:  that one or more things will be in the way or interfere with the aims or purposes or plans that one initiates.  This is called being a new man, a man with knowledge.  One who sees second force as a helpful challenge to inner and outer development or completion of Self. This new man expects second force to manifest in all affairs, is free to experience second force and continues toward the aim or purpose and makes a worthwhile discovery on the way.


Dr. Bob Gibson


When one is unaware of having the four dual basic urges as the purpose of living, on is manipulated by all the suggestions offering the gain side or threatening the escape side.  When one is conscious of the four dual basic urges, on can use them as one pleases and is free of manipulation by inner and outer suggestions.  (Page 9.)

Whatever man’s inner state, he brings forth a corresponding state in his outer world.  If one’s inner state is in conflict, there is conflict in one’s outer world. (Page 18)

A STORY:    The last few months have been challenging.  The physical body has screamed for my attention.  However, nothing happens by chance and each encounter, each experience holds a pearl of wisdom if I am conscious enough to see it?

So, what pearls have I found lately?

1)    After a steroid shot for a serious sinus infection which forced to me to have NO sleep for 70 hours, I realized the limits of the physical body go far beyond what I could have imagined.  I had imposed limitations that were erroneous. Some of these limitations have been removed.  I have a broader freedom of physical activity. A minor challenge, such as hiking a block or two, is easily do-able.

2)    EVERYTHING has value.  I have begun to search for the value of each “what is”.  It is only when “what is” and “value” are seen in the same light, will X act on that information.

3)    Life has only ONE purpose:  That I become a conscious, integrated whole.  Life is teaching the awareness to be awake.  To resist, whine or complain about this beautiful Teaching is insanity.

4)    ALL discomfort is a signal that I’m operating from a conditioned idea or a misconception.  I can discover which one it is if I ASK.

5)    The marvel of my existence is incredible. I AM A SPIRITUAL BEING HAVING A HUMAN EXPERIENCE!  I AM.




I’m working under a slight handicap.  I happen to be human.

I had some happiness once, but we moved away and I had to leave it behind.

I wish I had more energy or less ambition.

If you don’t do it, you’ll never know what would have happened if you had done it.