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2013 August Newsletter #230 What’s Going On





Question: Is procrastination a sort of a not-I or something?


Dr. Bob: Oh, it is not a “sort of” one; it is a full grown one.


Question: Is it always ok?


Dr. Bob:  Oh, it’s all right to procrastinate because that’s one of the biggest conflicts you run into, and it hurts so much, you’ll finally get over it.  It gets you into it where it’s better to not do it than put up with the agony, isn’t it?  You procrastinate pretty well?




Dr. Bob:  Isn’t it miserable?  Miserable isn’t it?   You know you get a bill and so you say, “Well I should write the check now.  Well, I’ll do it tomorrow.”  You feel upset all night.  Well, tomorrow, “Why not put it off another day?”  Pretty soon the thing’s past due, got an interest on it and so forth, and you can really be all rattled up over that thing, is that right?  So procrastination is intentional suffering… Self-inflicted.




…the way the intellect feels about himself that he’ll not allow to come out he was projecting that on everybody else.  So it’s been said that all the fault finding we do with others is that we feel it in ourselves, but because we’re criticizing and judging it in ourselves and also hiding it, we project it outside on other people.

Now, I wouldn’t say that’s 100% correct, but it is, basically, a fundamental that when you sit around and find fault with everybody, that basically you have the feeling that that’s going on in you but you don’t want that feeling to be there, so I’ll “put it on” that “Mary does all those thing” or “John does them” or “Judy does them: and so on down the line.

So, when you find fault with others, it is an excellent way to become acquainted with this, shall we say, obnoxious side that is not verbalized or used in words, so inasmuch as we think in words, we call that the subconscious or unconscious side—but that “it is there” in no uncertain terms.  So let’s observe for a while what we fault-find about other people.

Now as all of this stuff finally comes up to the surface and we can look at it without condemnation or justification– that is call being integrated.  So, all of that material that was formerly a little bit on the vicious, primitive side becomes civilized, because the intellect absorbs it into itself.  Now we have ONE being and that being is far more productive, creative, whatever word you choose to use—or shall we say more alive.

Conflict comes to an end because the basic conflict in a human being is between intellect and all these emotions that we have next door that make a lot of noise in there.  That’s where the real conflict comes in…that I want to be the “goody, good two shoes”—that’s what Mama, the church, the authorities and various and sundry other people taught me to be—and there’s a lot of those “should be’s” comes up.  So all those things make the conflict and as long as we’re in conflict, we’re not one person, we’re two people having a war in here.  It is a little rough on the body, and it’s a little rough on the abilities in everyday living—in everything that we do.  When conflict comes to an end, we have basically come to the place where we are one being.  A person always has a feeling of having unfinished business as long as he as conflict.




Question:   When we’re asked to report that someone get well, isn’t that interfering with the normal adaptation from a stressful situation and misconception on the part of the adaptee.  I’ve seen people feel better after reporting, and, also, get better.  What’s going on in these situations?


Answer:  Well, several different things could be going on in a situation.  Number one:  the fact of reporting.  IF I REPORT CORRECTLY, I DON’T SAY THAT THE PERSON WILL BE BETTER.  I SAY THEY WILL SEE MORE CLEARLY WHAT THEY’RE DOING.  That’s what I report.  And, of course, I attempt to work with the person at a distance to see that they do begin to see.  Now it is possible that everything we work on, when we’re in a certain state of being, works through other people. Now we’ll also know that in some cases that there could only be, possibly, that we are doing “suggestive therapeutic” and the person knows about it…and I’m not interested in “suggestive therapeutics” which, to me, is interfering with the normal adaptation because we’re suggesting to the person they feel good and the adaptation will have to take another route.

But if we’re reporting that the person will see more accurately what’s going on in their lifestyle and the way they’re behaving and the way they’re thinking and feeling they will change that lifestyle which doesn’t then require another adaptation to take place



Question:  If I make a new purpose does that mean that I don’t or won’t do anything associated with the old purpose?

Answer:  I don’t think we could have both purposes at the same time.  I don’t know what one might do that’s associated with the old purpose at all.  I think if a person has a new purpose, one is busy about it. Let’s take a for instance.  Suppose one picked a very simple one that says: “I will contribute to a pleasant mood.  So one would be about the business of contributing to a pleasant mood regardless of how many critics one had; regardless of how many people came up to find fault.  You would still go on and find nice things to say about them…. So when I contribute to a pleasant mood, the mood covers everybody around, including me.  Mood is something we live in like a fish lives in water.  It is not something I’m doing for another person or doing for myself.  It is a state I’m setting up all around me.  You might say the only light you will live in is that which you generate for yourself.  So if I generate a pleasant harmonious mood, I’m in that mood as well as everybody else around because the mood is the environment and we’re all in the environment.  So it is not just for me or for another person



            This doesn’t take a long time.  It is very quick.  It requires what?  Just attention.

Now attention is like having a flashlight that throws light on dark spots.  We’ve been totally in the dark as to the value and the nature of all resistance and all passiveness (things that set against our wishes.)  Now we throw a light on it and we see it as a gift of an almighty creator to his loving children, his creations, that they may develop and be complete and be what they were designed to be; to be a connecting link between the higher mind and earth; between heaven and earth, if you please.  Then he would begin to fulfill his destiny.

This living, this experiencing of this state is beyond comprehension.  It is beyond description….it can be experienced!

You are challenged and invited to experience it.  Where do you start?

By seeing that there is always a resistance.  There is always the passive setting against….something… that seems to be against what you want.  When you were an infant you couldn’t understand it and you formed a conclusion.

Now you are somewhat grown up.  Can you begin to see the value of it?

If you do there is a new life…a Way.  If you don’t see it, FIGHT ON.


When I heard this I thought I had heard it wrong.  That statement couldn’t be true.  My judgments are accurate and valid.  However, I did start checking it out. Life gave me many opportunities to do just that.

Before long I was around someone whose body odor was offensive.  I immediately made a judgment that she was unclean, poor, and/or inconsiderate.  It was HER fault I was annoyed.  No, with further looking I saw I had an expectation based on the ideal that she should bathe and use deodorant and live according to my standards.  The Teaching says there are no standards for human beings.  We are all unique.  I thought I knew what ought to be. This is deep sleep, which is darkness. My annoyance was based on the misconception that I am entitled to be non-disturbed.

Since the mind is constantly in the judging mode, I have wonderful opportunities to observe (without judging or condemning) how biased and opinionated I am.  How do I really feel about very obese people?  How do I really feel about lazy ones or greedy ones or thoughtless ones.  How do I feel about old women with long hair?  or young men with hair down to their waist?  What about those I see with dirty fingernails?  How do I feel about tattoos. And on and on and on with countless conditioned ideas in the head that result in the self making a judgment.

On one tape Dr. Bob says, “There are no flaws in anyone as each is a unique expression of Life invited to this Big Party.  There’s not another one like you or me..  We are absolutely perfect for here and now”.

The Not-I’s are big into finding something derogatory about this one and others.  The good news is that X renders these Not-I’s inoperative when once they are brought to the conscious level, to the Light of the Teaching


I like to travel.  It makes me feel like I’m getting somewhere.