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2013 December Newsletter #235. What’s Going On?




                   You are being sent away from our home, Harmony, on a journey to an alien place named InverTerra.  The journey will educate you, make you wise enough to understand and to responsibly accept your inheritance and its functions and duties when you return….you are to learn what you can by experience….Your journey is called Initiation.

REPORTING:  “To pay attention and communicate accurately—which means to  describe events and conditions and your feelings passively and objectively—is all that is needed to be guided safely through Natural Resistance.  You cannot describe objectively if you are identified with these forces.  You just DISIDENTIFY, separate yourselves from your impressions, in order to communicate accurately…

….You have Friends and Relatives in InverTerra.  Your Friends and Relatives also wear disguises and may be difficult to find.  However The Friends and Relatives will be on the lookout for you and assist in every way possible to help you completer your journey.




…when we begin to see that we want to be a conscious creature, a conscious being, which is going toward being unlimited.  Now the more that I’m a subjective creature, I’m in total limitation.  Everything and everybody determines what I’m going to do.  In other words, I’m totally other-determined if I’m subjective—what’s being done to me.  We are living beings and can be totally self-determined.  We can determine what I’m going to do.  I can determine how I’m going to respond to all the stimuli around.  But if you go on the defensive, which is purely a mechanical reaction, you’re going to be defensive every time someone says something that’s not complimentary.  Some people you can’t even say a compliment to without them going on the defensive.  … we begin to see that that person is not in charge of what’s going on in their life at all.  They’re not in charge of the way they’re going to feel.  They’re not in charge of what their responses are.  They’re purely mechanical.

Now if we would be an evolved human being, we would be responsible for our responses to stimuli.  We would be responsible for choosing our own inner state of being.  We could choose how we’re going to respond to challenges.  Now if you can be in charge of how you’re going to respond and in charge of your own inner state, you’re pretty well evolved into a conscious being.  Can somebody make you feel bad?  Can somebody come along and produce a bad feeling in you?  Not unless you give them the authority to and you don’t take charge of your own responsibilities.

So, being responsible and being free are the two sides of the same coin. If I am going to be living in a world of a lot of people and most of them highly conditioned, it would seem that it would be to our advantage to be in charge of our own inner state, in charge of your responses to people.

When you realize it is unnecessary to be on the defensive and challenge everybody’s statement about you or to you, you begin to be objective instead of subjective, the body starts repairing.




Question:  Living in a state of grace is very different from living in a state of stress.  Would you comment on this alternative to stress, that is, living in this state of grace?

Answer:  I’m talking about making ourselves very available to grace—not making things important, that’s grace; of being in charge of our own inner state of being and being in charge of my responses to circumstance.  Now, that is grace that we even heard of those ideas, because basically people have been living thousands of years and an extremely small number of people have ever been reminded or brought up to where they could see that.  So that’s where the grace comes in.  The grace is undeserved good.  I did nothing that I can think of to earn having come across the material many years ago and then being able to use it.  That was pure unadulterated grace to me.  We would have never stumbled upon it by ourselves.  So we live by grace when we take advantage of the grace that’s been extended us—that we come across the material that makes it possible for us to live without being torn up in the usual state of stress that everybody lives in.  And I’m very thankful for that grace.



So a loving attitude is the start of the spiritual life, living the spiritual life is having a loving attitude towards all people, including the ones with pleasant personalities, and the ones that are crude, and the ones that are handicapped, ones that are unkind, ones that are uncouth.  They are doing the best they can with what light they have.  And what light we have is all we’re got.

Another thing that comes along in a person who is living the spiritual life is forgiving.  Now the world carries grudges….  But if one is living the spiritual life, you discover you could eliminate about everybody you consider to be an enemy.  You could look at a different way of living, a whole different set of values, a different purpose in life, there would be forgiveness, because there is understanding.  If you understand that everything people do they feel it is right, proper or justifiable with what light they have, you would be forgiving.  It is kind of spontaneous.  So forgiving comes when you are living with understanding.  You are beginning to recognize what’s going on here. You can forgive anybody and everybody.  You don’t have to work at it.  It’s not a sacrifice.  It’s as spontaneous as breathing because you understand they did what they felt was right, proper and justifiable.

Another thing that goes into the spiritual life is reverence for all life.  That includes weeds, even.  If we look we see that Life animates all these living beings in the world… So, there is reverence for life.  There is a living something, which I think the most agreed upon term is spirit for whatever life is.  I haven’t found a person yet who can give an adequate definition of life.  But we can all know when it’s there and when it’s not.  It’s alive or it’s dead.  The living thing has life and that is spirit expressing its self…. So there is a reverence for life.  Reverence is another way of saying being thankful at all times.   I’m thankful all these forms of life exist.  We couldn’t eat unless other forms of life existed. We can appreciate them.




            Whatever it is, there is some moment that one can be teaching some one or more aspects of the Teaching. At least to the amount that one can get someone else, somewheres or other, to eat enough of it that he questions the purpose of living, which is, seemingly, the starting place before one really is a student.  And once the person is a student, he has every opportunity to continue. Material, instruction from some source or other, will be with him.  Because now he is a different kind of tree and he will attract Teaching to him.  As long as no one ever questions the purpose of living, he will only attract non-teaching to him… But as we see it as a field, ripe to the harvest, we find someway to be able to be some small part of the reaping force.  And we can work with whatever means, whether we have one talent, two talents, three talents, four, five, or twenty, really makes no difference.  So we’re interested in making a contribution.  Not in doing any certain thing.  You see the Teaching spreads only from person to person, but it spreads rapidly when once we do not have some preconceived idea that it must be spread by one method and one method alone.  Every avenue of whatever channel we are capable of expressing through is open.  It is hoped that each will find some means to use their one talent on their two talents or their five talents or their ten talents.  Because it is, possibly, the only thing that makes the earth evolve as a place for man to live.  Because the real evolvement in on the inner state of man.  We could have the finest highways, the finest airlines, the finest building, hotels and as long as the inner state of man is in a chaotic condition, in conflict, in struggle, all of that will be as nothing.


            Many years ago we invited into our home an eight-week old, white, poodle puppy. I’m sure many of you know how we felt about her.  She was sensitive, intelligent, loving, playful, etc, etc.  The lady at the kennel advised us as we walked to the car with Molly, “Love her like a people, but treat her like a dog.”  We did the first part 100%.  We forgot the last part.  We talked to Molly kindly about not using the carpet for her bathroom.  As intelligent as she was, we knew she could understand what we were saying.  When she had an accident, which was frequently, we would say, “If we had been watching her and had taken her outside, she would not have done it in the house”.  “Or if we had been home she wouldn’t have made a mess.”  We always justified her misbehavior and blamed ourselves for her actions.  We wanted to believe she was a cut above all other dogs and this potty training discipline was beneath her.  Granted she was a unique expression of Life.  However, even CHILDREN have to have some of this training!

The day finally came when we were sick and tired of it.  We couldn’t go on this way any longer.   Precious one that she was, the program had to change.  By this time she was 6 months old.  We thought she would have known better by now.  Wrong!  We knuckled down with a couple of painful lessons for her.  That’s all it took.  And she NEVER made a mess again.

We did not see “what is” accurately.  Molly was a dog, a domesticated, instinctual animal.  Our love for her was enabling her to avoid her responsibilities.  Our own sentimentality blinded us.  Finally when we could see that and deal with it, we were all happier.

Sometimes I don’t see ‘what is’ clearly because I am looking though a misconception, therefore, the action that X takes is appropriate for that misconception.  If my life is not harmonious, it might be a good time to take a long look at the point of disharmony and see if I am operating from misconceptions.  Of course, we all know what I’ll find!  Nothing will change until I see the misconception clearly and report it.  X renders it inoperative.

Once more time, the WORK is on the inner self.  And it is WORK.


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