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2013 February Newsletter #224. What’s Going On?


Science of Man Lesson 10

There is a Teaching idea that would be very worthwhile to make a note of and to observe for a while.  This idea is:  That only as I, the observer, sees some idea of the self, of John or Mary, as an illusion, is it free of the tendency to identify with that idea.  We will repeat this.  There is a Teaching idea that only as I, the observer, sees some idea of the self, of John or of Mary, as an illusion, is it free of the tendency to identify with that idea. Now one may see a given idea now and then, or a something that a not-I is doing, and not agree with it at that moment, but really doesn’t see that the idea is an illusion.  And as we have said, to see an illusion for what it is, is to see the truth.  And that X operates upon that truth. Once I recognizes that a given idea in the self, a conditioned idea, is an illusion, there is no longer any tendency to identify with that idea.

When we begin to see that the whole idea of accounts receivable due the self are illusions, that nothing is due, then one is further freed from the ideas of having something due one….we begin to see the ramifications of the four dual basic urges as expressed in greed, vanity and pride.  Cause if one should see clearly the illusions of the four dual basic urges, one would cease to identify with it…So, if one should see it, one has produced information for X that greatly enhances the possibility of the awareness being cleansed, of being made pure.



Life’s Word


Therefore I say unto thee that thou art blessed if thou dost suffer, for that suffering develops thee; and thou are doubly blessed if thou are afraid, for out of fear will I bring forth courage; but thrice blessed art thou if thou dost suffer and also art in fear, and also can not see that it is I being born in thy heart.  (p.32)


Many pray, “Lord, make us humble,” yet when I visit them with humiliation, they recognize not my hand!  (p. 25)



Notes on Personal Integration and Health (P. 67)


Is peace of mind something one gains or is it what remains after all feelings of emergency are gone?  Can all feelings of emergency be gone while the person still holds misconceptions?  Can a person have peace of mind while he is searching for it?  Does the searcher always have a feeling of urgency?  Can there be peace of mind and a feeling of urgency at the same time?…This work is only concerned with getting rid of something so that which is already there can be expressed in all its wonder.



Dr. Bob Gibson 1967

            When one is concerned with wellness instead of illness, then there is concern as to what one does to manifest super immunity.  It has been recognized for ages that there is resistance to illness when one is living a healthy life style and that resistance can be lowered due to a dissipating life style…Lowered resistance to stressful situations could be referred to as acquired immunity deficient syndrome.

All persons, regardless of life style, are involved with ENVIRONMENT, INNER FEELING, ACTIVITY AND NUTRITION.  If these are somewhere in the range of optimum, the immune system or resistance function takes care of stressful situations and various divisionary force, and well being is experienced.  If they are far from optimum due to a careless life style, there is acquired immune deficiency or lowered resistance and therefore adaptations is expressed.  The first step to having acquired super immunity is to accept responsibility for one’s environment, inner feeling, activity and nutrition.

What do I radiate?  Environment refers more to the mood surrounding one that it does to the area one lives or works in.  The best way to have an optimum environment is to remember that:  “ONE LIVES IN THAT WHICH ONE RADIATES. If I radiate doom and gloom—that is the environment.  If I radiate enthusiasm, joy, love, thankfulness and peace—that is the environment.  Environment is the responsibility of self.  Do not expect that others will or should provide it.  This is the way to optimum environment.

Inner feeling:  If one doesn’t take charge of the inner feeling, most often there will be feelings of anger, resentment, self-pity, worry, inferiority, sadness, blaming, boredom, etc.  However one can feel as one chooses by starting to act as though one is feeling as one would like to feel.  Think first:  “How would I like to feel?”  Then begin to ACT that way.  If one acts angry, one begins to feel angry.  If one acts enthusiastic, one will feel enthusiastic.  This is the way to optimum inner feeling.  THINK-ACT-FEEL, not feel-act-think.

Activity:  No need to jog three miles daily.  No need to pump iron.  No need to cycle 50 miles per day.  Just ACT happy, enthusiastic, vital, energetic.  This is the way to optimum activity.

Nutrition:  First, be hungry before eating, then eat for the requirements of the body, not just for taste sensations.  Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables low in concentrated carbohydrates, low in protein, low in starches, no so-called snack foods.  This is a natural form of nutrition, not a diet, not a fad, just nutrition for the motor function of mankind.  This is the way to optimum nutrition.

It is here recognized that this is a change in life style for most but that is the way to acquiring super immunity, to experiencing wellness, to being a joyful, healthy contributing being.

Surely no one wishes or intends to live a life style of misery, illness and gradual disintegration, when by being responsible to choose a different, simple to do life style that only requires attention and recognition of the responsibility for self to actualize.





            Whether the car is just sitting in the street and something bumps it, it is all bent out of shape.  And we might say that when we become angry or worried or excited or frightened or resentful or bashful or many, many other such things, jealousy and so on, that we are bent out of shape.  We are far from being happy and pleased within self.  We are far from being conscious.  We did not choose the state, it happened to us. And in that state we are mechanical.  So, the first thing that we will observe is that we don’t choose our states.  So, right here, you may take a piece of paper and begin to write down the various things that you see all this week how many times one behaves mechanically.  You might say that we have buttons out.  So somebody comes along and pushes a button and I’m angry.  Somebody else comes along and pushes a button and I’m very delighted.  Somebody else pushes a button and I feel annoyed or aggravated, or I’m upset in some other way. Now, we didn’t choose to be this way, it just happened.  Obviously, none of us would choose to be upset.  We would choose to be peaceful and serene.  But we then notice that we are not that way much of the time.  Now maybe we go along several days and everybody is pushing the proper button and I feel very delighted.  But sooner or later, in relationships, somebody forgets, somebody moves something that I left in a certain place.  Somebody says, “Why are you doing that”?  Somebody forgets to do what they said they would do.  And let’s observe the mechanical reaction.


A STORY:  Awareness decides “what.”  X supplies the “how.”

Yeas ago when I decided that I wanted to learn to fly, I was not conscious of the Truth of this Teaching idea.  Looking back, that is exactly what happened.

Obviously, I didn’t know “how”  However, the decision to learn to fly was made with great intention.

Neal, my husband, and I were driving home to Siloam Springs, Arkansas from Wyoming. Tired and weary of clicking off mile after mile, I said “Let’s learn how to fly.”  Neal immediately agreed that learning to fly would be wonderful.  We spent the last several hundred miles talking about it.  Of course, according to the world, it was impossible for me to fly.  My congenital deformities included little short legs that barely reached beyond the seat in which I was sitting.  How could I ever reach the all-important rudders and brakes positioned (like a car) on the floor of the plane?

Spirit wasted no time.  The next morning we went to the bank and borrowed money to buy a plane that neither of us could fly.  The banker didn’t even ask us if we could fly the plane.  A pilot friend of ours designed hand controls for the brakes and rudders so I could manipulate the controls that my feet couldn’t reach.  A local ironworker made the controls and installed them in our newly purchased Cessna Skyhawk.  When I called an instructor and asked him if he could teach me to fly, he agreed to instruct me, with a lot more enthusiasm that he really felt.  The money seemed to always be there to pay the mounting costs of this project:  maintenance, radios, hangar rent, flying lessons.  Everything was taken care of with seeming ease.

Now, of course, there was some second force as part of the creative process. (Initiative, Second Force, Form, Result) I experienced great heights of joy and depths of despair.  Sometimes I cried in frustration.  Other times I laughed with overwhelming joy.  I studied nights to learn how to navigate without getting lost.  I studied meteorology, FAA regulations and how to pick out a landing spot and handle the aircraft i8n case the engine failed.  I labored and practiced to develop the skill necessary to land the plane safely.  Practice, patience and persistence.  Every “HOW” I needed was provided to joyfully fulfill the “WHAT.”  We flew all over the country for the next 20 years and accumulated over 2000 flying hours.  Is Life good or what!!!



Thinking about it is easier than doing it.  But so far I haven’t even thought about it.

Fundamentally, there may be no basis for anything.

If life is merely a joke, the question still remains:  For whose amusement?

Life can be so tragic—You’re here today and here tomorrow