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2013 May Newsletter #227. What’s Going On?


Science of Man Lesson 11


            So, what is, is living by reporting ‘what is’ to X and seeing ‘what is’ as good, or valuable or worthwhile.  And X operates upon it. In this way, man recognizes his oneness with X, with Spirit.  If he could foresee and could change the future and change all the events in it he would have no comprehension of X.  He would never realize his oneness with X; that he was a function of X. So, ‘what is’ is so designed by an almighty loving creator that one would be given every opportunity to discover one’s oneness with X.  Because one never knows the future.  But regardless of what happens, if one sees ‘what is’ and sees it’s value, X operates upon it and one sees that one does not need to know the future.  That everything is an ever-changing, ever-loving panoramic of change.  And one could be comfortable with change, comfortable with the unknown and recognize the oneness with X, the union with X.  If one could do what the ideal says, the what ought to be, what one has valued, one would be in a horrible state of existence.  The most boring, the most tedious, the most fretful form anyone could be in. One would see the whole panoramic future and see everything and know that it was coming.  You know on a given day you’re going to get burned.  You know on a given day you’re going to receive news that a loved one has passed away.  There’s nothing you can do.  You know the future.  Wouldn’t that be horrible?


Dr. Bob Gibson

Question:  I noticed that whenever it’s something I want to do, it’s right now.  There’s no problem.  But when I ask, “What is it I want to do?” Oh, my god.

Dr. Bob:  Oh, yeah, you get 10,000 questions.  Because that isn’t your job, you see. Now, your Partner, X, will not change places with you.  It will not take care of the WHAT and you take care of the HOW, because It knows you don’t know the HOW.  Besides that, He’s not interested in the WHAT.  And you see, mankind for ages has been trying to turn the world upside down.  It’s been hollering at the powers that they recognize as being superior, “You tell me what to do, and I will do it.”  And, of course, they’re ignored because that’s your responsibility.  So you can’t upset the partnership by trying to turn it around.  You know, everybody thinks, always thinks the other guy got the best end of the deal.  You know, if you and I had a partnership and I was doing all the billing orders and you just got the orders, someday you would say “Well, he’s got it easy.  I have to go out here and run all over the place and he just sits there and fills the orders.”  But man is always wanting something to tell him what to do so that he won’t have to be responsible.  But….we ARE responsible.

Audience comment:  We have a solid contract?

Dr. Bob: If a contract’s solid, it’s not going to break.  That’s for sure.  And, if you don’t want to play with it, well, that’s fine.  But that’s the way the contract is.  Okay?  You can use it as little or as much as you like, but we can’t break it.

Audience comment:  The only way to get out of the partnership is…..

Dr. Bob:  Right…is to take your last breath.


Dr. Bob Gibson

Frequently, the thing we talk about is called The Fourth Way.

So, the first thing that started on this planet was the idea of a jungle.  I am stronger than you are, therefore, I will eat you or I will control you.

Then came the idea of the survival of the fittest.  To the strong belonged the spoils.  Now, when a new age comes along, it is only a little fragment of it that gets started.  So, we still have the law of the jungle.

Then, some 2000 years ago a man came along…so, he set out the way of love.  Love, understanding, which means that I can see that whatever you’re doing, ever will do or am doing now, that at the moment of doing, you felt it to be right or proper or justifiable, or you couldn’t do it.  So, that was called the way of love.

Some 2000 years after that came along another route.  They said now you can continue on this way of love, or you can go on the way of justice or you can go on the way of jungle, or you can go on still another way.  This is the way of being thankful or the gratitude road.   What one is thankful for is that one has been invited to this tremendous party that’s going on.  We have food, clothing, shelter, transportation, interesting people to be around, interesting things to do.  We have everything.

Now, it’s also considered in the Fourth Way that mankind is an alien on this planet.  It says that he wasn’t even originated here…. The one thing he must use above all else is his intellect: to understand what he is, where he is, what’s going on here and what he can do….  You’re here to make this Planet a fit habitat for a colony for human beings….when you know what your job is you can carry it out pretty well.

Now, the jungle is still going to exist.  There are others who are totally involved with the second way.  There is an infinitesimal number who talk about the third way.  Now we’d like to see if there are a few people who would consciously take on the fourth way; the way of thanksgiving;  the way of consciously being what to us is a good colonizer or a good quest, which mean the same;  to be harmless.  to be considerate and to make some little contribution to the whole new estate that makes a decent home for aliens.


The urge to be safe and secure is a powerful one.  It comes from the basic decision to regain the non-disturbed state.  So, I have been running an experiment when I watch TV to be conscious of suggestions that threaten security.  What a hoot!

Here are some I found:

North Korea threatens to bomb us.

Weather forecasters predict hail, floods, tornados.

Older Americans may loose their Medicare.

Bad breath has the power to destroy the finest relationship.

Eating nearly anything can trigger unbelievable misery.

Fats, sugar and cholesterol can destroy the strongest body.

Fruits and vegetables may have dangerous chemicals on them.

Even drinking water quietly erodes the physical being.

Breathing may be harmful to our health since the atmosphere contains pollen and chemicals

If I cease to breath, eat and drink water I will most certainly remain the non-disturbed state very quickly!

Security?  Forget it.  The only safe place is to be deeply rooted in the Teaching ideas.  Then I know that Spirit always does the appropriate thing for the information It receives, moment by moment.  My task is to make sure that this information is accurate and clear.  Fear is an illusion.  It is a mechanical, conditioned state that destroys the living being.  I refuse to be pulled into its toxic, destructive suggestions.

Perhaps the greatest contribution I can make to the Planet is to refuse to live in fear.


 Dr. Bob Gibson

The study to evolve to the possibility of higher consciousness, enlightenment, wisdom and understanding has been called “The Path”, “The Journey”, etc.  As a possible aid to this journey, the following major places on the journey are given:

  1. THE WORLD:  The starting place for all.  The world of belief, emotions, material  purpose, conditioning, mechanical reaction.
  2. CHALLENGE FROM LIFE:  Major disappointment, losses, major illness or accident, feeling that life has no meaning, etc.
  3. SEARCHING OR ASKING:  Usually asking amiss for something to produce a sense of non-disturbance.  Perhaps the real search and asking would be something  like, “What’s going on here?”  If the asking is for a real purpose, not as conditioning, the WAY is opened to one.  There’s an old saying, “When a person is ready, a teacher appears.”
  4. SELF-KNOWING:  The study of conditioning.
  5. SELF-REMEMBERING:  Such as What am I? Where am I?  What’s going on here?  What can I do.
  6. INITIATION:  Practical acting on “What can I do?”  Learning in spite of conditioning.
  7. DEDICATION”  Making of first value;  LIVING self-remembering.
  8. ACTUALIZATION:  Higher states of consciousness and unconditional love.
  9. SERVICE:  As a way of saying thank you.  It could be said that the traveler learns to serve, NOT TO GET something.  However, service does have it side effects.


Before I knew the best part of my life had come, it had gone.