Author of the book, "Standing Tall: The Marvel of Our Existence is Incredible"

2013 June Newsletter #228. What’s Going On?


LIFE’S WORD (IV Mystery)


I am only awaiting to use the body to radiate forth My love and Life—waiting until you shall give up the so called “knowledge of good and evil” and surrender unto Me.


And say, “Look, Life knows what it’s doing, it’s doing fine.”  will eventually heal up, I guess.    I don’t know what’s good and I don’t know what’s bad, and that is possibly the being reborn, because the fall of man, the death of man, was deciding long ago that he knew what was good, what was bad, and we’ve been passing it off from generation to generation.  Mama told me all the things that’s good and bad….  Eve was enticed by the evil one, which is the Four Dual Basic Urges, to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  And that was the fall of man from the truly spiritual state, seeing themselves separate from Life rather than as an expression of Life.  (Then you said being reborn is when we give up. . .)

You can see that you don’t know what’s “good” and what’s “bad” and you could care less.  And you can allow Life to determine what’s going on and you can respond to it.  You now are a new creature.  You are not a creature that knows good and evil, right from wrong.  You now are an expression of Life, expressing spontaneously Life, love, truth, and all those pretty words.  Ok?  That is being a new person.





QUESTION:  You got that word ‘bliss’ in there.  What does that mean?)


Well, you’re blissful when you don’t want to change anything, my friend.  There’s nothin’ I want to change, so I say I’m in a state of bliss right now.  Now, sometimes the bliss is greater degrees and lesser degrees.  When you wanna change anything, you’re not very blissful, is that right?  Now, I don’t know anything that I’m smart enough to say should be changed, so I’m quite pleased and delighted and wonderful with everything as it is and when you’re in a state of not having a thing in the world you want to remake, improve, fix it up, and say, “The good Lord sure screwed up.  He should have left me in charge of this thing,” huh?  He should have made me the general manager.  Then you might call that bliss.




(Phoenix 1970)

The word “God” comes from the word “good”, or that which is our good.  It refers to intelligence, power, wisdom, understanding, life, spirit, etc.  In other words, God is any one or all of these things.  Simply said, God is “what is.”   The Scriptures say that God is love; God is spirit; God is light’ God is life, and so on.  When we take a word in our language and define it, we use another word or phrase similar to it.  When you have no similarity for a word, you find words without a definition.  So God refers to an idea, a reality behind the word.  A reality can only be experienced—not defined.  You can only experience it by getting off the sensory level.  When you experience it, it needs no definition.



(Phoenix 1970)

Life is divine.  God is life.  Christ is life or X. So very definitely Christ is divine.  There is a divinity in every man.  We have ignored it and trodden it under our feet.  We have been the “stone that the workman refused,” but have become the cornerstone when once understood.  It is the basis of all life.  To be divine means to be beyond the sensory, materialistic, etc.  It is the invisible in every man.  You can holler all daylong that, “I know Christ is divine”, but until you become a Christ man you are only speaking the words thereof and don’t know the poser thereof.  If you haven’t experienced the Christ in you, you can say, “I know Christ is divine” all day and still be in your sins.  Christ said, “I know you not.”  To sin is to miss the mark, the mark being to become a spiritual being in touch with the Christ-life in this aspect of man called the awareness, called in the scriptures “the heart:”–  The Kingdom of God in man.  Divinity is the nature of God—what is.




Now suppose that today we could begin to see everybody as an expression of Life, an individualized expression of Life – God, if you please; X, Spirit, whatever word you want to call it.  What kind of world would you live in then?  If you saw everybody as being an expression of God, Life, Spirit?  So what kind of world is it when you see everybody as being an expression of Life, including yourself?  I couldn’t figure out an improvement on it, could you?

Well, that’s pretty close to what it is.  I don’t know if that’s the way it is or not, but that’s the way I choose to see it.  And everything is to me as I choose to see it, ok?  You are to me as I choose to see you.  Now I see everybody as an expression of Life, and that whatever they’re doin’ is serving some contribution to the whole. It is Life working… there is absolutely nothing that you can get all torn up and upset about because everything you see is an expression of God, Life, Spirit, whatever word you’re comfortable with, huh?  It says It’s quite pleased with us.  We’re all here, so I guess Life is pleased with us.  Why can’t I be?  It’s pleased with everybody around – they’re all right just like they are.

Now everybody’s an expression of Life serving some purpose or other, and why should we be disturbed about it and try to straighten everything up and get all our causes and our situations going, and we do these great reforms and everything?  I think everybody’s all right just like they are.  So for goodness sake, see that Life is pretty smart and that everything is just fine just like it is, ok?  Not tryin’ to change a thing.  Then you don’t have any problems!

And so you are the living expression of Life and can you think of anything greater to be?  Just rattle that one by your ivories for a minute.  Is there anything greater than to be a conscious expression of Life, love, truth, God – whatever word you want to use?  A livin’ expression of X.  Now, otherwise we’re a dying expression of the not-I’s.  Now, either way, you have your choice and I’d much prefer the former.  Hmm?  Now, you can walk on a street in a city or a small town, or anywheres you wanna be, and you look around, if you see a person, you see a person either dying as an expression of the not-I’s or you see a person living, growing, being an expression of truth, God, love – if you will.  You see one or the other all the time; and unfortunately you see an awful lot more as an expression of dying, the expression of the not-I’s.  You see it all over…it’s really about all you see.


A STORYSomewhere in the Teaching material I remember Dr. Bob saying:  “Let others experience their own JOY of discovery.”

Hmmm.  Because of my absorption with self, this took a while to soak in.  I had valuable information that I was eager and happy to dish out because I thought I knew what they needed to improve their lives.  UGH!  Besides this information would help them in their journey toward self-realization……

Then I began to have some understanding.  Why?  Because I was discovering all sorts of information that was simply breath-taking. (Such as:  Anytime I make something or someone important I become tense)  I was so excited about this, checked it and found it to be true.  WHAT A WONDERFUL DISCOVERY!

I was giddy!

Now I knew.  I knew that if I gave unsolicited advice or even solicited advice, I had robbed others of this great joy. This is ego…plain, vanilla ego….” I’ll show you how smart I am and I’ll get good feelings of superiority, plus attention and approval. Surely I’m beyond all that childish stuff.  Hardly. It is really hard to keep my mouth shut when I have a tidbit that I know would be helpful.  When confronted with a question, it is difficult to say, “You know the answer to that. See what you can come up with.”

This doesn’t mean that I will not answer questions under any circumstances.  I just know that I can be more discriminating.  I can cease to cast a shadow on information that another has to work out for him/her self.

One of the aims of the Teaching material is to put us in contact with the Teacher within each of us.  It’s there.  Solid.  My meddling only muddies the water.

We are here to see clearly………

QUESTION TO DR. BOB:  What is meant by “human Nature?”  I frequently hear some say: “Well, that’s only human nature.”  I usually near this statement when someone seems to be trying to justify some very unbecoming behavior.

ANSWER: Mankind, humans, seem to have two natures:  One ruled by emotional reactions which can be considered animalistic, or carnal or materialistic.  This is the nature you seem to hear justified.  The other nature man is so rarely expressed it hasn’t been noticed by most.  That is the Spiritual Nature.  It is objective awareness and expresses unconditional love.  Check on both human natures and see which you prefer to cultivate.


I wish I had more energy or less ambition.

Force yourself to relax.

What should I do if all my problems are not solved by the time I die?

I could live a better life if I had a better mind and a better body.