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2015 July Newsletter

What’s Going On? #83

ALONG THE WAY: We are building a home or colony for conscious beings.

THIS MONTH’S THOUGHT:   One way of being harmless is to never put a person under an obligation.

THE FOURTH WAY(Excepts from the tapes THE FOURTH WAY by Dr. Bob Gibson) continued from last month.

So what are we?  We are very privileged, invited to be in this big project.  Where are we?  On this planet Earth which is beautiful, but nevertheless it is not equipped naturally for the human, conscious being to live on.  We have to make arrangements to sterilize the environment to a certain extent or we can’t get along on it.  So we would begin to see that I’m at this beautiful estate called Earth, which has been chosen as a colony for conscious beings.  Now what’s going on? There are a jillion people that are working around on this colony and most of them are totally unaware of what they are, where they are, what’s going on here or what they can do.  Totally unconscious.  A lot of them are living by the way of the jungle.  A few living by the way of justice.  An infinitesimal small number by the way of love, which has been pounded at us for 2000 years, and almost a non-existent number are living by the way of gratitude or thankfulness at all.

Now, I know what I’m doing here.  I know what’s going on.  And I know what I can do.  I would begin to build a little bit.  And having noticed that anything you build is highly contagious, it spreads a little bit, I don’t have to go out and be a preacher or a missionary and pound on people, but I can demonstrate that the Fourth Way does exist, that the Third way exists, the second way exists, and the First Way exists.  They’re all here.  We could begin to advance this colony.  I could be what to me is a good guest, because that’s what I am. And I have the privilege of doing whatever I want to.  What would I do as a member of the colony? We could build a little higher type of conscious residency here.  It would cease to be so much of a colony and begin to be almost a home site for us.  First, I could be considerate of the estate that we’re on, of the Host who sent us out, and of the other guests that’s here with me.  I can be harmless in that I don’t tear down more than I build.  I don’t have to make a mess.  I don’t have to find fault with the other colonists.  I’m conscious and have been given a gift beyond all comprehension to know what’s going on here.  I think that’s a gift beyond all capability of putting a value on—just to be able to see what’s going on here and to see what I am, where I am, and the whole purpose of the big show.  Did you ever wonder what it’s all about?  What are we doing here?  I think about everybody has struggled with that a little bit.  What’s this life all about?  It’s got a very definite purpose.  I don’t know if it’s practical, but it’s very interesting.  Setting up an outpost.  I don’t know if it’s even needed or not.  But it’s here, so let’s have fun with it while we’re at it. Now we can begin to build a place where everybody is conscious of what they are, where they are, what’s going on here and what they can do.  What can we do?  Be a part of the colony.  I can be considerate.  I can be harmless.  And I can make some little contribution to it being a home for conscious individuals.  Now we don’t want to be taken over by the powers who were running this world which was a jungle when we arrived.  They’ve issued out a lot of suggestions to us over time that you’ve got to complain, stick up for your rights, blame, please everybody, quote authorities of old.  In the scheme of things this is a relatively new colony, a pretty new one.  So we’re to be involved in an adventure beyond all comprehension.  Now don’t take my word for this.  Go out and check up and see if this is what’s going on.  You look and see if mankind is a natural occurrence for this planet.  Look it over.  A horse can go out and stop anywhere tonight and get along just fine.  His food is all around him.  You can’t eat what the cats and rats eat.  You’ve got it process it.  We have clothes.  We have houses.  We have transportation.  We have refrigeration.  We’ve all these gadgets which is the only way we can make it a home for conscious individuals from some other realm.  We don’t belong here.  But it is close enough that we can survive on the planet with the aid of intelligence.  And we can have a home.  But what kind of a home do you want? Do you want the jungle?  Do you want the justice of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth?  Do you want the one of understanding but he still broke my neck?  Or do you want the Fourth Way?  We have come to that stage in existence where it is really the only intelligent one for the ones who are conscious of what they are, where they are and what’s going on.  It’s to live by the way route of gratitude.  I’m thankful I’m here.  I’m thankful I’m involved in this big game and party.  I’m considerate of the estate because it’s easily damaged.

Now do you have to wonder, “What do I want to do?”  Would that answer the question to anyone who wonders?  It’s sitting there staring at us in the face.  We want to continually build this outpost to where it is a home for intelligent, spiritual beings and not just the jungle creatures.  Are there people who would consciously take on the Fourth Way, the way of thanksgiving? And the way of consciously being what to us is a good colonizer or a good guest, which means the same, to be harmless, to be considerate, and to make some little contribution to the whole new estate and all the things that make a decent home for aliens.

So you want to live on the Fourth Way?  That’s kind of worthwhile.  You would never have to wonder, “What should I do?”  You always know what you can do right now and it’s always very worthwhile, at the moment, to aid building, shall we say, a community for conscious, living beings.  I think that’s kind of worthwhile.

Information from headquarters is received by what means?  It is taught by somebody talking to you.  It is not anything unusual, mystical, or anything else.  There has always been a visible human being or a group of human beings who came and talked in as plain and simple language for that particular age as they could talk.  Moses was the messenger that talked about justice.  He was obviously a human being.  A man called Jesus the Christ came was very much a human being and walked around and the people who are given the information on the Fourth way are human beings.  Now, always they want you to remember that it is the information that is of value which you can check up on and not the person who gave it to you.  We all have pretty much the history of the man named Jesus that taught the Third Way.  They tried to make a God out of him and all sorts, that his mother was a virgin and he never did die and if he did he got up and walked off and all this which is for you to worship him and not pay any attention to the message.  And that’s what screwed it all up.  So everybody that I have met involved in the Fourth Way has been a reprobate of the first water.  You wouldn’t want to identify them in any way.  The ones that can and don’t fall down with it, drink a lot of booze and they smoke cigarettes and they do all sorts of things that you wouldn’t go along and deify them and that is by design because they don’t want you to confuse the message and the contents with the container.  If the people had ignored the teacher of the Third Way and the various teachers of the Third Way and had paid attention to the content, the Fourth Way would have probably arrived a thousand years ago.  But everybody got carried away with the container and you’re still, until this day, told that your salvation depends upon believing something unusual about the container and nothing is really mentioned about the contents. I went to church once and that’s all I heard.  I assure you the containers of the Fourth way all put on a role of being a reprobate.  Nobody has to accept anything holy about them because they don’t do it that way.  And that was done by design and on purpose that there is nothing holy and righteous put on about it.   The people who are giving information on the Fourth way are human beings.  You don’t get it by intuition or any other thing else.  It is somebody talking to you, giving you information which you can check out, use, and operate on.  Always they want you to remember that it is the information that has the value and not the person who gave it to you.



When I heard this I thought I had heard it wrong.  That statement couldn’t be true.  My judgments are accurate and valid.  However, I did start checking it out. Life gave me many opportunities to do just that.

Before long I was around someone whose body odor was offensive.  I immediately made a judgment that she was unclean, poor, and/or inconsiderate.  It was HER fault I was annoyed.  No, with further looking I saw I had an expectation based on the ideal that she should bathe and use deodorant and live according to my standards.  The Teaching says there are no standards for human beings.  We are all unique.  I thought I knew what ought to be. This is deep sleep, which is darkness. My annoyance was based on the misconception that I am entitled to be non-disturbed.

Since the mind is constantly in the judging mode, I have wonderful opportunities to observe (without judging or condemning) how biased and opinionated I am.  How do I really feel about very obese people?  How do I really feel about lazy ones or greedy ones or thoughtless ones.  How do I feel about old women with long hair?  Or young men with hair down to their waist?  What about those I see with dirty fingernails?  And on and on and on  with countless conditioned ideas in the head that result in the self making a judgment.

On one tape Dr. Bob says, “There are no flaws in anyone as each is a unique expression of Life invited to this Big Party.  There’s not another one like you.  You are absolutely perfect for here and now”.

The Not-I’s are big into finding something derogatory about this one or others.  The good news is that X renders these Not-I’s inoperative when once they are brought to the conscious level.



  1. Our inner feeling determines our outer state of affairs.  Our inner feeling is

hooked up with what our attention is on and for that we are responsible.

  1. Impressions, intuitions, feelings, ideas, voices.  We are responsible for checking them out.
  1. Aging is a chronic disorder.
  2. We have no soft tissue cell in our body over 3 months old.
  1. Optimum health – only four factors are involved:  activity, inner state, environment and nutrition.
  1. One way of being harmless is to never put a person under an obligation.
  1. The only thing we can change is our frame of reference.  We have to see and understand.  No one can do this for us.
  2. The only possibility for a person to be transformed is by a transformation in the frame of reference.  This takes effort and practice. We are never done with practicing. There are all sorts of resistance to this.
  3. We do have an awareness that is not conditioned.  It has been asleep many years.
  4. Ego frame of reference:  I know what ought to be; I know what I (they) need; I know what to blame; I know the future.
  5. Anyone operating from the ego frame of reference can make an emergency out of most any situation that comes along.
  6. A man with a new frame of reference is a new man.
  7. We can live with no emergencies, which is true living.  In conditioned living there is an unending series of emergencies.
  8. There is one person in the world you’re going to always live with.  That’s you.
  9. If you want those around you to like you, you have to like yourself.
  10. Agape:  able to see from another’s viewpoint.
  11. Everything that happens to us is a gift so we might evolve.


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