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2016 January Newsletter

What’s Going On? #88

Written by Donna in January 2002



We drop all obstructions to regeneration.



Are we brave enough to dump all authorities?



(excerpts from School talk #17 by Dr. Bob Gibson continued from last month).

Regeneration is the natural state that everybody would be going through constantly every day of the week if you would only stop the disintegration.  But we do get addicted to our disintegrating factors.  We get addicted to our fears, our self-pity, our angers.  Did you ever hear people brag about what a wild temper they had?   I’ve noticed that some people are very addicted to self-pity.  No matter what’s going on they’ll find a way to feel sorry for themselves.  So we talk about dropping emotions and we can’t afford them.  And we can’t afford them if we like to stick around here. So let’s consider that if we’re interested, we’re eliminating something, not gaining something.  Attempting to gain Life is pretty hard.  We have that as a natural thing.  The disintegration or the degeneration of the mankind is not from something that he gets to prevent.  It’s something he gets rid of.

So let’s think of some of the things we would just as soon get rid of and see if we see some visible signs of regeneration very quickly.   And certainly if you’re not interested in total regeneration, possibly you could at least take a slower rate of degeneration.  There is no earthly reason because you are x number of years old to begin to think you’ve had it.  We can begin to see that if we wanted to generate there is a certain lightness or intensity with it that comes from having a very good time.  If you’re enjoying yourself you don’t have time to think about how miserable you are.  So we frequently recommend that somebody would try making a contribution to a pleasant harmonious mood.  That doesn’t look like it’s such a terrible hard chore.  Anybody can do that.  So that’s the least we can do.  And we probably would see that regeneration is not something you need to work at.  It’s the reasonable, natural state of man when he isn’t tearing himself apart, degenerating or disintegrating, which ever word you care to use.

The human being has everything he needs, everything that’s necessary, except that he’s carrying around a lot of excess baggage that is constantly dragging him down.  And the only way the reality that is already there can actualize is to get the obstructions out.  We frequently use: remove the obstructions and nothing else is really necessary.  You already have an awful of things that you’ve never allowed to actualize because they were obstructed from whatever obstructions we carry around.  All of our urge to defend ourselves against being misunderstood.  We call that being defensive.   There is a tremendous amount of material that goes on that we are totally unconscious of.  So what we’re working at is to remove the obstructions to consciousness. So basically all that is necessary to do is to remove the obstructions to the full expression of Life.  And it is already there.  You already have integration but it is covered up with a deep layer of conditioning so that you cannot experience.  It’s got many obstructions to it being expressed.  The body is attempting to regenerate, the unit, the living being is attempting to regenerate right now.  But there are obstructions to it.  We keep it pushed down.  So all we have to do to have any level of consciousness or being is to remove the obstructions.    You already have it.  But you have obstructions to allowing it to express.  It’s already there.  And all it needs to do is to be given the space to actualize itself.  The tone scale (see Lesson 7, SCIENCE OF MAN) is an attempt to open various levels of consciousness that are available to a person.  The first 6 or 7 of them you can have with no effort on your part. You could not be vitally interested in anything if you were fearful.  You certainly could not be enthusiastic if you were fearful or angry or whatever.  You can’t get enthusiasm until you get rid of the fears.  It just won’t work.  You certainly couldn’t go to exhilaration or to bliss while you’re carrying all the emotions around.  So they’re the obstructions to those higher levels of consciousness.   Higher levels of consciousness is another way of saying regeneration.  Higher consciousness is another word for regeneration, for integration, and you’re not going to have them as long as you have the obstructions.

The natural state of the body is to survive and enhance. But the obstructions to it doing that are fears, angers, guilts, insecurities and all the other goody things.  You’ll never get the real thing until you drop the obstructions.  So you can leave the obstructions in the nearest trash can you come by.  Except it’s not quite that easy.  You have to pay attention.  You may with all your heart want to lay down all your fears but you’ll find they’re still talking tonight somewheres.  So you have to look at it and take charge of the fears and angers and all these things and when you’re in charge of them and can do them deliberately if you so wish to, then you can quit doing them.  But most of us maintain we have no control over whether I’m angry or fearful or guilty or what have you.

Nobody’s going to regenerate unless they have mobilized a certain amount of energy on thanksgiving, on love, on joy, on peace, on bliss.  They won’t regenerate, no matter how well you feed them, no matter how much you exercise them, no matter how much you counsel their little heads, and everything else.  They’re not going to regenerate. But if they have an excess of feeling of thanksgiving, of joy, of love, of peace, of any other nice, good feeling you would want to come up with, then they will regenerate.

It does require certain attributes: that you take charge of your own inner state.  Now you take charge of that inner state by the way you act and the way you see things.

For everything we do, for the weather around us, anything about us, where we are, everything we’re doing, people we’re around, if you’re looking at what is, seeing it as it really is, not through some misconception, you would have to be at a minimal state of thanksgiving.  And if you’re not awful careful you might slip into bliss.



Last month I wrote about embracing ‘what is’ with enthusiasm.  I hugged not feeling good with great vigor, knowing that I could live with it.  Following that deliberate action, some interesting things happened.  For weeks I had felt a “zing” in a tooth when I drank something hot.  I didn’t think much about it because it lasted only a second, once or twice a day.  Although in a couple of days I called the dentist for an appointment to check it.  She didn’t have an opening for three weeks, but put me on the list to call if she had a cancellation.  Two hours later she called.  “Can you come at 11:00 in the morning?” she asked.  Of course I could.  The dentist found an abscessed tooth and started antibiotics.  Within 24 hours I felt like a new person.  The gratitude I felt was overwhelming.  I even called my brother in New York.  “Jack, I have the most wonderful news.  I have an abscessed tooth and get to have a root canal!”


What was going on?  When I quit trying to figure it out and resisting the discomfort, Life stepped in to do Its work.  Resistance to ‘what is’ is the ONLY problem.  The Teachings are designed so that I can see ‘what is’ clearly. It allows me to discover the blocks so they can be removed.   That doesn’t mean that I will like what is.  When I discard the ‘what ought to bes’, all conflict is gone.  There are no problems, only challenges.


When I am okay with EVERYTHING, moment by moment, I experience peace.



(Page 151 Teachers Course #1)

  1. What am I? I am a privileged invited guest.
  2. What has happened to me? I have totally forgotten what I am.  I am totally conditioned to feel and act more like a prisoner than a guest.
  3. Where am I and what’s the purpose of being here? I am at a lovely estate called Earth and the purpose of being here is to be experiencing freely and finding joy in it.
  4. How have I been seeing it? As a literal place of torment and have felt that I was being attacked from all sides.
  5. Whose estate is this? It is the estate of the Host, who is God, Spirit, or the Father. The one who invited me here.
  6. Who owns everything here? The Host owns everything.  The Host invites me to use some of the things He owns, such as a house, car, clothing, a body.  We had nothing when we arrived and were given the privilege of using what is here.  We can take nothing with us when we leave.
  7. What’s going on here? A lot of interesting games are going on here.  They are designed to enlighten the players; business, marriage, traffic, self-improvement, education, trying to get rich, etc.  The games all have rules and are very necessary.  However the players do not know that they are playing the games of “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”, all being blindfolded.  Each is afraid that someone will get the prize before they do.
  8. What have I believed is going on here? I have believed there is a great struggle to compete with another, to survive and drive off all the enemies.
  9. What have I been doing? I have been behaving as though I had to straighten the whole thing out and have not accepted the reality of the Host.  So I have been trying to rebuild the whole party and am even trying to become the host, since I did not recognize of suspect there was a Host.  I have been seeing it as a chaotic royal mess and have been wondering what I was going to do to clean it up.
  10. What can I do now? I can understand myself and the estate or world in which I live and see the beauty, balance, and purpose to everything and thereby begin to really appreciate, and then love, the Host.
  11. What can I do anything for? The only one I can do anything for is the Host.  Never again need I go out to do things for the other guests, or even for myself.  Fatigue is the price we pay for doing things for the wrong reason.
  12. Do I feel required to do for the Host or do I have the privilege? The Host says, “Would you mind…?”  He does not say, “You have to” or “You ought to.”  It is then that He will accept us as a companion and may visit us from time to time, which is very worthwhile.  Doing things for the Host is such a privilege because we do it freely.