Author of the book, "Standing Tall: The Marvel of Our Existence is Incredible"

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Donna Lancaster touched the lives of many people around the world, as the comments below will show. She will be missed. A memorial is being planned for mid-April.

The song, “Row, Row, Row, Your Boat” has been Donna’s mantra, along with the Teachings for the last couple of weeks of her life. It would be nice if as many of us as would desire to share this mantra with her.

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(11) Diane Smith
Sat, 1 August 2015 22:51:55 +0000

I don't remember exactly how I came upon Donna's story but it was through the Internet some years back. I ordered her book, read it thoroughly, and was absolutely taken aback by the energy, the drive, the positive outlook, just everything Donna had to say. What an incredible life she made! She shone a flashlight on her darkest days and credited her parents with their ability to make do with 'what light they had to see by.' She teaches without preaching. I think she could have added 'Professor' to her many careers and talents. I felt I had to write her so I emailed her and got an answer back which I cherish to this day. I was heartbroken to hear of her passing, but she left a diamond in the sky and a flashlight for us all to pick up and use.
Rest in sweet peace, Donna. Would that I could have met you.
Diane Smith

(10) Ed Chapman
Fri, 13 June 2014 20:42:03 +0000

Donn is one of the most extraordinary people I have ever know. One the most kind and caring women .............

(9) Carolyn Fry
Sun, 30 March 2014 20:15:21 +0000

I didn't know Donna personally but did have a conversation with her once. I found her to be a fine and wonderful lady. When I walked away I felt as if I had received a blessing by meeting Donna. She will be sorely missed. May you Rest in Peace Donna.
Carolyn Fry

(8) Terry Lancaster
Sun, 30 March 2014 02:29:49 +0000

She must have been quite an intelligent person and a wonderful human being. I will try and read her books. Naturally, i wonder of her last name origin, being also a Lancaster. Condolences to the family and friends. Terry Lancaster, Teague

(7) Marigail Wynne
Sat, 29 March 2014 12:54:04 +0000

I talked with Donna on the phone from Virginia weekly for years. She was a friend and spiritual advisor. She was patient (sometimes) with my whining and gently nudged me into growth. So many of her words are a part of me now. "Life gives us exactly what we need exactly when we need it" and "being comfortable is not the purpose of life" and "we are free to experience everything" and "make nothing important" and so much more. I miss her but I am so happy for her.

(6) Summer Frederick
Tue, 18 March 2014 18:24:12 +0000

Thank you, Donna, for what you did for me - even though you may not have known what that was. You are one of the greatest influences in my adult life, and I will always remember you.

(5) Joseph
Tue, 18 March 2014 18:23:43 +0000

I have been receiving Donna's newsletter of Bob Gibson's work for several year on the recommendation of a dear friend, Martha Moore-Stevens, who knew Donna and Bob. All I knew was that Donna had some physical challenges, nothing more. Reading about her life makes me wish I had known more, for like Nick Vujicic she stand tall as an inspiration of spirit at its finest. Her light will forever shine for anyone who was touched by her presence.

(4) Maggie Young
Tue, 18 March 2014 01:51:56 +0000

I first knew Donna through Margaret and Hugh Wynne. I have had the pleasure of staying with her at her beautiful lake house and enjoying so many hours on that wonderful porch! I have read both of her books. I would be grateful if she enjoyed me as much as I enjoyed her. What a gem!

(3) Jacque Halverson
Tue, 18 March 2014 01:49:37 +0000

Free of the bonds of body. I can hear you laughing and see your wonderful smile. Thank you for attending this party we call life, the knowledge you have passed to us all will forever impact us and those around we meet daily!

(2) Kathryn Collins
Mon, 17 March 2014 18:49:07 +0000

Donna I miss you and will always love you. My life is so much better because you were my friend.

(1) Karen Kreps
Sun, 9 March 2014 05:48:27 +0000
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I was privileged to get to know Donna about three years ago. I had bought myself a copy of her book for Christmas and was so deeply influenced by it that I sent her a fan letter and she invited me to phone and then to have a Skype video call with her. I then joined on her Saturday morning phone calls, learning much from Donna and her dear friend Marsha Summers, as they talked about what they knew of how to keep the mood up and not make anything important. Many more people have been joining the calls recently and we loved hearing anything Donna had to say. I loved how she would talk about being free to experience anything Life had to show her. My one regret is not having grabbed the opportunity to meet this extraordinary woman in person. I hope that, now, after her passing, others will be able to get hold of her remarkable autobiography. Even if you can't, she's left a legacy of her experience in the monthly newsletters she'd write about "What's Going On," which are archived on this website. I rebuilt the static website for Donna using WordPress, so that it would include her video and so she could blog and easilly archive the newsletters.