Author of the book, "Standing Tall: The Marvel of Our Existence is Incredible"

Reader Comments

Standing Tall is a beautiful and moving book that is full of authentic humanity and deep wisdom. This is the story of an extraordinary life with a universal message to inspire all of us who are engaged with the human adventure.”

– Tim Freke,
author of Lucid Living and How Long is Now?

“An amazing story of the struggle of human existence. Everyone sees the outside persona, but if they look long enough the inner beauty comes through. Put yourself in the author’s shoes and you realize that life is a constant struggle. This book teaches us that acceptance of who we are, asking for help, l and having the courage to do whatever our hears desire, we can achieve our dreams no matter our size, abilities or appearance. We are who we make ourselves to be. Out biggest disability is ourselves. Read the book — you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll love, and most importantly you’ll learn.”

– Reader from Texas

“Thank you so much for sharing your life and great wisdom in Standing Tall. I enjoyed reading it and felt a kindred spirit to many of your emotions. Thanks most of all for the wisdom of an aging body and changing energy which we must accept to move on and enjoy this part of our journey!”

– Polly, Waco, Texas

“I agree with your brother when he said that you are a gifted writer. You are! I love your use of humor. It did not distract your reader, but gave pause for a chuckle No circumstance seemed too much to be overcome and through which the human spirit could expand and soar.  You have written an instructive and inspiring book. I wish you much success with it.”

– Billye Jones, Author

“This memoir is as compelling and as uplifting as Frank McCourt’s Angelas’s Ashes.  The love and respect Donna has for her parents is written with great love and affection. While she is able to describe the trials, challenges and adventures of her life, she is able to make past experiences relevant to today’s inner conflicts.”

– Mindy S. Fogelman, Editor, Austin, Texas

“Having experienced an accident in 1970 that left me disabled for several years, if I had had your book to read, it would have cut out many years of me complaining and whimpering about my fate.  As I read it, I immediately thought of all the young men and women who have become crippled, lame and psychologically destroyed in the ongoing wars all over the world.  What a contribution your story would make to their capacity to maximize the quality of their lives under extremely difficult and seemingly impossible circumstances.  Your book should be given to every wounded soldier in every military hospital throughout the world.
Thank you for all your inspiration.”

– Steinar Karlsen

“You can stand on our chairs and use the Williamson County Juvenile Services Center as a forum anytime you want!  Thank you for yet two more inspiring and thought-provoking presentations to detention and to the Academy.  I wish I had a better vocabulary, for I cannot find adequate words to express how much we appreciate you, Donna.  You are always so kind and considerate to come share your life experience with us.  The advice you gave about liking yourself and not worrying about other people’s negative perceptions is worthwhile.
It serves not just our students, but applies to all of us as well. You made a magnificent impression on our students and staff!”

– Jim Mohon
Williamson County Juvenile Justice Education

“Donna, Your book was very inspiring.  I really admire your strength and especially your attitude.  I always knew you were special and your book gives me more insight into the development of your special personality.  In addition, the book was written well, easy to ready and hard to put down.  Well Done!”

– Evelyn Pareya, West, TX

“When you walked across the stage at the KU commencement it wasn’t just applause.  It was a standing ovation – the only one I ever saw at that event.  I remember it clearly because that was the first time I realized you were really “different.”  You were my roommate – short, tall, crabby, fun, etc.  “They” saw you as one who had done something outstanding!!!”

– Allie Speer, Overland Park, KS

“I read your book this weekend and could hardly put it down.  You would be an inspiration without a handicap.  In fact I don’t see one, but I know you have had to face the things that have come your way because you are a little different.  Thank you for writing your book and sharing your life with us.  We all need some of the things you spoke of.”

– Janice Wessel,
Baylor University PR – Creative Services

“I started reading your book last evening and except for stopping to fix something to eat, I read it straight through.  You said it was a quick read—I found it a fascinating read!  I was amazed at your courage and self acceptance and your remarkable drive to do whatever you wanted, regardless of what might have been seen as a limitation.  Your mother really did give you a gift by not over-protecting you.  It’s such a remarkable book!  I was mesmerized by the story, your honesty and your memory!
Thank you for approaching me in the bookstore.  I usually breeze in and head to some section in the back, but for some reason I hesitated—obviously waiting to meet you!  I feel like I had a memorable weekend and its impact on my life will unfold as time moves on! ”

– Carol Priddy

“My name is LaVerne and I work at the Portrait Studio in Walmart.  I cannot tell you just how much you impressed me!  As you can imagine, I meet lost and lots of people.  Some I rarely remember, others leave an impression.  You, my dear lady, left such an impression that I have been telling people about you ever since!!! You have such a remarkable story, but you also made me feel so good about myself that day.  When I recall our session together, I just feel good!!!”

– LaVerne Sizemore

“A moving tribute to the human spirit. We each have our deformities of body, mind or spirit. Some are move visible than others. Donna’s story inspires us to grow through them to wholeness. Her practical philosophy of life is applicable to us all.”

– Marigail Wynne, M.D.

“Congratulations on purchasing this book.  By doing so you have allowed yourself the privilege and blessing of experiencing the extraordinary journey of this remarkable lady, Donna Lancaster.  I’ve know Donna for 28 plus years.  In the most positive ways, my life has never been the same since our first encounter.
Without a doubt, Donna came to this grand Party called Life to live it at its fullest. She does so with dignity, grace and respect for mankind, nature and all the many multifaceted, magnificent aspects of our world.  ENJOY experiencing Standing Tall! It, just like Donna, is incredibly AWESOME!”

– Tanya Sulak

A Note From Donna

Medical advice offered no chance that I would ever walk. However, I did walk–only I was half as tall as anyone else. At the age of twenty I had the opportunity to wear artificial legs that made me 5’8″ instead of 3’10”. The experience was incredible. Thirty-two years later I decided to be short again. Actually this is only the framework for a story about my spiritual evolving. The first part of the book is about the ‘can do’ gal who could handle whatever came her way. Then came the ‘crash’ and all the preconceived ideas about living went out the window. There I stood-empty of all the beliefs and concepts I had lived by, hoping that someday I would find peace. The old ideas and concepts just did not work. After the ‘crash’ came 18 months of nothing. Then Life presented me with some ideas to check out. I did and I found them valid. As a result, life took on a different texture. Life is not a struggle to survive, excel, pay the bills and avoid discomfort. It is to be embraced and revered. I, of course, still have many challenges. But my approach to them is one of gratitude, not resistance. –Donna Lancaster