Author of the book, "Standing Tall: The Marvel of Our Existence is Incredible"

2013 September Newsletter #231 What’s Going On



              So let’s make us a fundamental note that blaming is a bar against doing anything about anything you may be concerned with.  And that nothing or nobody is to blame, ever.  Nothing or nobody is ever to blame ever.  Blaming yourself is not any different than blaming somebody else.  That’s the favorite of a lot of people. They’re self-blaming all the time.  They feel that’s very holy and righteous.  But it’s still very derogatory.  It’s still preventing anything from taking place.  So nothing or nobody is to blame.  The whole nature of the idea of blame can be replaced very quickly when you see that all difficulties in the human race comes from lack of information and misinformation.  Now we have all been given great gobs of misinformation.  And we also live with a great amount of lack of information.  So frequently I relate this as if you went to buy the simplest of little appliance somewheres and it had a book in it to tell you how not to tear it up….  We know not to make anything important… we know that we cannot afford emotions and we know there is nothing or nobody to blame.  You could begin to see that you could take charge of your own inner state of being.



Now, under the “What ought to be’s” and the “What should be’s” we’re going to write many of the things that we feel would be good. Now, the first thing we probably would feel would be good, “That I would always be comfortable”. The fact is, the what is, possibly, one is not comfortable.  Now, that has a value because that being uncomfortable is a signal that one is struggling toward an illusion.  The self sees all discomfort as something bad and does not see it as of a value.  And begins to look for some way to achieve the ideal of what ought to be.  So it uses drugs or many other methods to make one insensible so that one no longer receives the signal.  One is only interested in what one sees as good. Now, in beginning to observe the self one of the more valuable areas is to see what the self has considered to be good.  We have seen that it considers to be good to be totally non-disturbed physically. In order to be conscious and to live on a different state of being than what one has held out as being good or what one has accepted as being valuable is possibly one of the greatest areas of confusion.

So, as we begin to observe, we begin to re-evaluate what the self has said is ‘good’. Now, the self is based upon the four dual basic urges:  That the whole purpose of living is to be non-disturbed; to avoid all pain, but pain is the great signal that tells us we are not reporting accurately to X, and that we’re walking into something that is destructive to the entire state of being, destroying the organism, the awareness, the whole union of X, awareness, and body, and function, casting it asunder, and pain is the announcer that one is headed on that way.  Without that pain, one would be totally insensible to everything that is destructive to the body, to the awareness, to the state of being, to existence, even.  So, one begins to see that the self has accepted as good something that would be very damaging.  And this is called re-evaluation.



Another thing that the self has set up as good is that one should never be ignored or rejected. But, one of the great Teachers in the Scriptures says that one should ‘Leap for Joy” when one is falsely accused and mistreated by other people. Now, if one sees this, that it gives one the awareness to see where one is;  to see what one is valuing. Whether one is caught in valuing of what ought to be, the illusion, has set up an ideal of what is good, and sees no value, practically, in what is, but only in the illusion.  And as one follows this, one sees that a certain amount of disapproval is also very wonderful.  And that isn’t it wonderful we can’t control people.  Because if we did, what kind of a creature would we be, that if we had the power to control every other person we would be setting self up as a god.  And it has set itself up as a god, the god of darkness, mammon, that says what ought to be, the ideal, being what the self, from the infant decision, the four dual basic urges, from mammon, has said is good.


Many years ago we started accumulated this list taken from the Teachings.

  1. Is happy with what is.
  2. Has no need to change anything or anybody.
  3. Is not controlled by suggestion, although he remembers that he is 100% subject to suggestion, 100% of the time.  He checks it out.
  4. Knows:  What he is, where he is, what is going on, and what he can do
  5. Sees that the negative emotions are not to his advantage and does not identify with them.
  6. Lives in the present moment.
  7. He has no ideals to struggle for.
  8. Is free to experience whatever may arise in his way today.
  9. Has reverence for all Life.
  10. Is in charge of his inner state.
  11. Is at ease and peace wherever he is.
  12. He has no problems, only challenges.
  13. Is self-determined, not other determined.
  14. Can play any role consciously.
  15. If free of all conditioned ideas.
  16. Does not turn his life over to any institution or anything or anyone else.
  17. Is in charge of what he does, how he feels and how he acts.
  18. Has nothing to be upset about.
  19. Is in no hurry.
  20. He sees ‘what is’ clearly.
  21. Does not listen to propaganda and does not get caught up in causes.
  22. Does things for the joy of doing, not because he has to.
  23. Uses simple good manners.
  24. Is not sentimental.
  25. Does not give advice.
  26. He has no choices to make.
  27. Pays attention.
  28. Does not know what ought to be for anything or anybody, including self.
  29. Makes NOTHING important.
  30. Sees the broad picture
  31. Is grateful for resistance.
  32. Lives without conflict.
  33. Makes no judgments,



Many years ago my world had fallen apart.  It seemed that I was sinking in a morass of self-pity.  I remember lying on the couch crying for God to tell me what to do. The couch seemed to have huge magnets in it that glued me to it.   This went on for so long that I became almost inert.  There was no joy, no peace, no motion.  Finally, sick to death of this state of being, I rose from this bed of self-inflicted misery.  I crawled to the phone;  lifted the receiver which weighed 500 pounds and called Hill Junior College in Hillsboro.  I asked about enrolling in a computer course, which I did.

Now, I doubt much would have happened if I had waited for Hill College to call me to enroll in their computer class.  It would have been a long wait.  But this tiny bit of motion started a series of wonderful events that changed everything.  It was not that X wanted me to take a computer course especially.  But the power was waiting for me to direct it.  It had become all plugged up in my self-absorbed state.

I still have a day now and then when it seems the energy is low. I blame it on the weather or my age. But when it becomes obvious (and painful) that I’m sinking below the water line, I wake up, once more, and take charge of directing the energy.  The pull of the non-disturbed state is powerful and can suck me under if I’m not paying attention.

Dr. Bob stated it quite simply. THINK, ACT, FEEL.  Action produces the desired feeling.  The awareness decides the feeling it wants (joy, gratitude, etc,), the physical body takes the appropriate action and the feelings follow.    Granted it is not easy to take the actions necessary to feel gratitude when I’m in apathy, the resistance is incredible.  However, if I want a feeling of gratitude, I take the appropriate action.   Within minutes I am flooded with a sense of gratitude.  This is THE TRUTH:  Think how I want to feel.  Take action that expresses how I want to feel. And the feeling will always follow.    The Truth sets me free, free to express this beautiful gift of Energy.

It is so easy to forget the things that will liberate me.



Your reasoning is excellent.  It only your basic assumptions that are wrong.