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It is very easy for me to slide into the ‘victim’ role.

This has been a hot summer, or rather, I have allowed the heat to influence my inner state. Victim of the weather? I would have to say that is accurate. I’m old enough to remember the days when we didn’t have air-conditioning. None of my college classrooms were air-conditioned. So what’s the big deal?

The Teachings point out that we’re either other-determined or self-determined. If I let people and conditions to be in charge of my inner state, I am a victim and I’m other-determined. I have been putting extra effort into keeping the mood up. Since everyone I meet greets me with, “Sure is hot, isn’t it?” With great enthusiasm I answer, “Just the way I like it!” Whining about the heat is pointless.

In fact, whining about anything is pointless. Whining is resisting what is. It seems that all that is required here is to make a decision that I will accept whatever I encounter with cheerful good humor. This is a big order, but it keeps me in charge of my inner state.