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2011 April Newsletter #201. What’s Going On?

ALONG THE WAY: Mankind was never designed to have fear, guilt, anger or insecurity.

THIS MONTH’S THOUGHT: We interfere when we think we know what ought to be.

SCIENCE OF MAN – LESSON TWENTY-ONE: (Continued from last month)

When a person sees differently, they have a different attitude. Now the basic attitude, of course, of the conditioned person is to gain revenge or to have fear of what will people think, and etc. You’re quite well acquainted with them, if you’re paying attention, and have been paying attention. Now, we an attitude of consideration for all men. We consider and see their viewpoint and consider how that one could relate to that individual in their present state of affairs. One doesn’t need to straighten them out, you can’t. It has to be done from his own inner revelation, from having the Light. One may could so appear that they would ask about it. And then, possibly, one could give them some of the Teaching. And allow them to use the Light, also. But the first thing is to be considerate of them in whatever state they are. One will find that one doesn’t have to practice being considerate, because if you practice being considerate you’re merely being tolerant. But if one truly sees that whatever one is doing they feel it is right, proper, and/or justifiable, and it’s operating by the only Light, or, rather absence of Light they have. And it’s the only thing they can do and it’s what I’ve done for year, each of us has lived by that, then one would be considerate of this individual who is in a state – blind. Who could not be considerate of a blind person? Being considerate is a new attitude and it results in a new way of relating to the individual, whoever it may be and wherever it may be. Whether it’s in one’s own household, whether it’s a stranger, whether it is a snippy salesclerk, or whatever it may be, that one is considerate. Of what? A blind person. A crippled person. An incomplete person. So one is considerate. And when one reports consideration to X, X brings about the appropriate behavior for consideration.

The next attitude that one would have is to be entirely harmless. Not to be helpful, which is usually to harm people, but to be harmless. It takes considerable consideration, considerable awareness, considerable looking, considerable paying attention in order to be harmless. If one walked up and told one of these blind people that you are blind, meaning you are blind spiritually, you are blind to the self, you’re blind to what’s going on within you, you would be harmful to that individual because they couldn’t believe it. And they’d already form a conclusion, and maybe if the Light was offered them, they’d already formed such a conclusion that they couldn’t use it. And, maybe, if they’re let alone for a while, maybe they will ask for the Light, someday. You see everyone has to ask for the Teaching. It is never promoted. It is never pushed upon anyone. It is lived by an example, yes, but no promotion. Because that is trying to be helpful and telling a person that they’re blind when they don’t realize they’re blind. Or they’re crippled when they don’t realize they’re crippled. And as one does this, one has harmlessness. One may not do much good in the world, that’s beside the point. But one is harmless. And by merely being awake and alert and seeing and having the inner state revealed to self, of what self is like, has changed the world a great deal.

Now, of course, the ideas of the world know how things ought to be. And, of course, a Not-I is apt to jump up and say, “Well, everybody ought to have advantage of the Teaching”. And that sets it into an ideal. It is available to anyone, if they ask. But if they don’t ask, they don’t realize they are in turmoil, they will never ask. And if they feel that something else is to blame and as long as they’re totally convinced something else is to blame, they will continue to do it and they will not ask. It is available to everyone but they must ask. They must knock on the door. They must seek the way. And when they do, they will find. The best one could do is be, possibly, an example of someone who isn’t constantly in a state of turmoil. One that seems to be peaceful as one goes about ones way. One might be an example, but none can be the missionary that tries to convince people that they have a problem when they are not aware they have. Being harmless is to see I do not want to harm anyone. Report that to X and it will not be harm.

The other one is, is make a contribution to Life. The greatest contribution one can make, of course, is to be fully aware. A fully conscious person is harmless and causes no one any troubles, is not intentionally or otherwise second force to anyone. They may be unknowingly if the person has set up an ideal. But otherwise they will not be. They will make a contribution in peace; a contribution to pleasant moods; a contribution to seeing; a contribution to consciousness. And as the occasion presents itself, they will make a contribution to the Teaching. In other words, only when it’s asked for. And in the proper time, place and circumstance, one could share a Light. And when one shares the Light,

one has made a contribution. One can make a contribution to troubled people by pointing out that it s maybe not quite so troubled at the moment. Or by at least, making cooing sounds of one form or another. They feel all right about it. But you cannot teach a person who is not asking and is not looking. (To be continued next mont

A STORY: The most stress-producing issue I have to deal with is the computer. The information I need to handle the road bumps the computer throws along the path lag far behind what is needed to resolve the problems.

Does this bother me? Well, yes. However I am not surprised. The Teachings say that Life expects of me a little more than I think I can handle. Well, dah? If everything I experience is a “piece of cake’, where is the challenge that is needed to grow me?

So I look at my inner state. Do I accept challenges, namely all those things that don’t GO MY WAY, with joy, thanksgiving and excitement, realizing that a great opportunity of growth is being offered me? Or do I feel irritated and cranky because I am being disturbed? The first response comes from a higher state of consciousness. The second comes from lower state where the “Not-I’s” live and operate.

Well, there it is. I remember Dr. Bob said that 75% of the day will probably not go my way and 25% may go my way. I can therefore keep my expectations low and happily and gleefully experience the 75% that has the potential of destroying my inner state.

This is a HUGE shift in perception. THAT is what the Teachings are all about. THAT is what this journey is all about….changing how I see things; changing my perception!

To be able to see clearly what is and the value of what is, is a gift beyond all measure.




This Universe is an express of law and Order. Much has been written about law, always with the dire warning about breaking or violating law. This idea of violating Universal Law and thus being punished seems to have come down with the idea of disease being caused by evil spirit entities and other such superstitions…

Law of the Universe is unbreakable and impossible to violate…It can be stated with one word: BALANCE. It can’t be broken, no matter what event takes place. It is balanced to the established balanced plan of the Universe. This is the perfect law. This law does not punish anyone. Being law, it is impersonal. If an infant puts its hand in boiling water it is scalded, just the same as if you put your hand in boiling water. If a thief plants a seed of corn in the soil, in proper season, waters and tends it, it will produce just as much an increase of corn as it would have for a saint.

Man’s consciousness can be aware of his inner feeling regarding time, place and circumstance. Therefore he feels fine. Man’s consciousness can also be aware of a memory recording when he was mistreated in the past. He can and does feel angry or hurt when the recording was made. He can imagine that something will happen in the future to injure him. He will feel angry, hurt or afraid, just as if the event were taking place. The energy he generated or mobilized for another time is being expended now. If he found feelings of emergency when there were no actual physical dangers to fight or run from, then he would know that he was holding a misconception and would take up the task of eliminating it instead of trying to find a cure for his discomfort. He would further see that all misconceptions would sooner or later lead to false feelings of emergency and would begin the task of elimination of all misconceptions. When that man was free of all misconceptions, he would be an individualized express of Universal Intelligence, an expression of Universal Law, something the world needs very much. This person could then work with others to free themselves from misconceptions. They, in turn, could then do likewise. This would gradually and surely result in making this world a safer and saner place in which to live.

This person that had freed himself of all misconceptions and thus becoming an individualized expression of Universal Intelligence would do no wrong, could make no mistake. He would be creative. He would see things as they are. He would be free, not just free from something, but FREE. He would be an integrated personality. It is possible that you can experience INTEGRATION by ending disintegration.

LIFE’S WORD: Thou thinkest that thou has an aspiration to do good or to benefit mankind. But all desires, ambitions and aspirations are of the personality and shall die with it….Indeed, wouldst thou help Me to develop and benefit mankind? Dost thou know better than I do what others need and would supply unto others that which I withhold from them? This wish is simply thy personality trying to asset itself. Yet let it try and let it fail, reaping humiliation from all its efforts and bringing humiliation unto others, for thus do I use it to develop thy body and also those other bodies. This Seventh Mystery is hard for thy conceit to learn. But when thou shalt have suffered the humiliation yet in store for thee, it will be a lesson full of joy. For behold thou wilt be free of that conceit and they body will be an instrument of My joy alone.



*I wish all the people who sincerely want to help me could agree with each other.

*Let’s stay together and drag each other down.

*Don’t ever ask me to choose between you and happiness because I’d choose you every time.