Author of the book, "Standing Tall: The Marvel of Our Existence is Incredible"

2011 August Newsletter #205. What’s Going On?


The following are some of the one-liners from the Teaching material. They are all verbatim quotes taken from the huge volume of information left to us by this Master Teacher, Dr. Bob Gibson.

We can be integrated and function as ONE. The authorities, the assurances have to go.

Point of awareness comes as the result of the Teachings. There is no other way.

To be integrated:

a) See what we have called “good.”

b) See that the greatest gift we have is to be responsible and have freedom.

c) Release ALL authorities. We are our own authority. Circumstances can be an authority I am the authority over what I’m going to do.

The best way to destroy a living being is to turn everything over to feelings. You are on the way to the grave.

Only a quiet mind can see “what is” clearly

When we understand we can live without conflict. It comes to an end naturally.

The tricky little mind can only work in darkness.

If you don’t have agape for yourself you can’t have it for anyone else.

Our conditioning is NOT based on fact.

We have one basic instinct—the urge to union—to Oneness with Spirit—the marriage of awareness and Spirit—can only be obtained through self-knowing. There are no short-cuts.

Idolatry: Anything we make important.


We use our limitations to avoid responsibility.


We gain understanding by experiencing “what is” freely.


Prayer is for the pray-er. It is to get the mind changed so see that nothing needs to be changed, not to change God’s mind; to see that ALL is in perfect balance.


Death is necessary to clean the Planet.


Nutrition: Eat what you’re hungry for.


If our attention is on evolving instead of having our own way, we wouldn’t want to change anything.


We destroy ourselves because we are subjectively involved in other peoples business. If I wish to control others and don’t want them to wake up, I would be sentimental. I think I know what ought to be for others so I will be more comfortable. Humans won’t let their kids grow up because of sentimentality.


We are so busy doing that we cannot conceive of not doing.


We CAN surrender all our preconceived opinions


Impersonal living: When we don’t know what ought to be. It is living without conflict or struggle.


Don’t try to change anything. Take things in their natural sequence. Let it happen. We want to be a butterfly when we’re still a worm.

X will work with you but not for you.


The more one thinks in opposites, the more unconscious one is.


There is nothing but death in opposites. They are a total barrier to evolving.


What am I doing? Do it consciously. Want pity? Do it consciously.


Point of awareness is to see, “What am I doing?”


Anxiety is a signal that we have made something important.


Black magician puts us to sleep and we can do it to ourselves. White magician is only interested in liberation.


Laying our treasure down: a) see that all events come to pass: b) Have 2 explanations for everything. This is saying we don’t know: c) Eliminate all sentimentality. If we are to live as human beings we CANNOT be controlled by sentimentality; d) See that the feeling of pia, eros, philia, when completed by agape, are the only feelings that do not destroy us—love. All other emotions destroy us.


We are going to die as long as we have one opinion. Opinions are based on speculation to be secure. Man does not want to be in a state of not-knowing.


There is not one word in the Bible about sex, except that is it a symbol of integration.


Hypnosis is a pathological state.


We are working to be conscious. Be conscious of conflict. When I see that I am setting up conflict, it ends.


The block to integration is that we see what is going on and they try to change it and find solution to the problem. It is possible to live without problems. We cease to make problems. The mind is a problem-maker.


Problem: something I want to change.


Self knows: I know what ought to be is. This is the basis of judging. I know what I need and what you need. I know the cause of everything. I know the future.


Can you worry without knowing the future?


Point of awareness grows through a process of dis-identifying. We start being a real person. We observe everything as objects. We start being ONE when circumstances don’t control us.


The point of awareness is the start of a new mind.


“If” and “When” are hypnotic words. Watch for “ifs”


Integration is the union of X and awareness. There is no struggle or resistance.


If we want to change anything or anybody we have not surrendered.


We don’t know how to do anything. X does it all.


Nothing needs to be changed. Reality is okay just like it is. If we move to be happy, we’re kidding ourselves.


To be awake is to see everything objectively. There is no judgment, no identifying with it.


Assignment: Do consciously what we have been doing unconsciously.


The purpose of living is to live as one harmonious unit—body, mind and Spirit.


Life is not the author of confusion.


Life is I. Not I am Life.