Author of the book, "Standing Tall: The Marvel of Our Existence is Incredible"

2011 September Newsletter #206. What’s Going On?


You are being sent away from our home, Harmony, on a journey to an alien place named Invetera. There the experience you gain on this journey will educate you and make you wise enough to understand and to responsibly accept your inheritance and its functions and duties when you return.

Invetera is a distant place, very unlike our home. You are to learn what you can by experience, retrieve the rose and return to Harmony with the rose.

Your journey is called the initiation. So you’re to be initiated, starting now, ok? You will be given a vehicle for the journey. You will be enclosed within a body which is of the place and adaptable to it by virtue of your spirit within it. The vehicle is to be considered a disguise of your real self. You are to remember you are within it, but not of it. However, because the journey is so arduous, and the vehicle is unlike anything you know, you will be drugged in order to withstand the ordeal and to help you in other ways which you will have to learn about.

The antidote to the drug is remembering “What you are.”, “Where you are.” “What’s going on”, and “What you can do.” And every time you remember, a little of the drug will wear off.

You will always be in communication with Harmony, but the method of communication is crude—denser than anything you know. Correct communication with Harmony will result in you being continually guided on your journey. Muddled communication will prevent accurate guidance. If inappropriate, that is conflicting information is sent, is reported, the response, while intending to guide you, may- harm you and increase your conflict because the assistance will only be as appropriate as your communication is accurate.

You’re journey is difficult and dangerous and your destination not like anything you know. There are several striking things about Invetera that you’re not accustomed to. The hindrance is called resistance.

The combination of your initiative to remember and the resistance you meet will produce The Rose. One type of resistance is density. Everything in Invetera is very dense, infinitely heavier than you are used to. Your bodies will be related to the density of the place, and its violent characteristics, such as weather and other physical laws that you will be subject too. This is nature or natural resistance and not to be feared. Remember you are within it, but not of it.

To pay attention and communicate accurately with Harmony, which is to describe events and conditions and your feelings passively and objectively is all that is needed to be guided safely through natural resistance. You cannot describe objectively if you’re identified with these forces. You must dis-identify—separate yourselves from your impressions in order to communicate accurately with Harmony. The ideas of your home, Harmony, will be present in that distant place, but obscure. They will often be inverted or distorted and disguised in every way. This is imposed by people and by institutions and is called contrived resistance. You must be very sly in recognizing contrived resistance, as it will be your undoing if you give in to it. It will produce conflict within if you identify with it and prevent your accurate communication with harmony and possibly prevent your return.

You can recognize contrived resistance if you pay enough attention. Not paying attention will increase the affects of the potion; paying attention will minimize it. Contrived resistance takes the form of seduction and their weapons of various kinds or their equivalent.

In other words—PROMISES AND THREATS—which produce conflict within. You are to ignore promises and threats and be about your business and remember you are in the place and not of it. You are of Harmony. You are always to remember WHAT YOU ARE, royals from Harmony; WHERE YOU ARE, in an alien place; WHAT’S GOING ON THERE, inversions, distortions and disguises of ideas of your homeland—conflict; and WHAT YOU ARE TO DO, remember—learn by experience, retrieve the rose and return.

You’re admonished to remember always and to stay together. You are separated—you must find each other before returning home.

You have friends and relatives in Invetera. Your friends and relatives also wear disguises and may be difficult to find. However, the friends and relatives will be on the lookout for you and assist in every way possible to help you complete your journey. Your initiation is a lesson in its own right. You are to discover what really is going on in Invetera and remember WHAT YOU ARE, WHERE YOU ARE, AND WHAT’S GOING ON THERE AND WHAT YOU CAN DO. This will help you to find the Rose. When you find it you are to head in the direction of your home and always keep the rose with you.

As long as we’re fighting something there is no chance for us to be integrated. For instance, free from_____________. Freedom is to freely experience whatever comes my way today.

“I don’t know” is a prayer state. “I know” is a sacrilegious state.

The only thing you can really pray for is wisdom.

The adaptive process is the work of an Intelligence of a very high order.

Security is bondage.

Stay in the present moment—this is the only time we can do anything.

The Teachings bring us to this Point of Awareness where we observe as if we are on a mountain top and looking through a telescope. The time we spend observing objectively is accumulative.

We are an invisible being that inhabits the body. The invisible man is very powerful

The Work is in observing self, which brings all to the Light.

Twenty-five percent of circumstances will be the way I want them. Seventy-five percent will not be the way I want them to be. If I practice this W ill never be disappointed and the vicious cycle will never operate. It requires practice to do 25/75.

A misconception: That circumstances determine my state of being.

The only thing we complain about is that things are not like we think they ought to be.

Misconceptions: I know what I need; I know what ought to be; I know the cause; I know the future.
Any judgment I had yesterday is not valid today.

Now is not then. Be conscious and alert in this moment instead of working with accumulated data of the past.

Everything we do is for the Host.

One way of being harmless is to never put a person under an obligation. To be harmless is to not be a threat to anyone.