Author of the book, "Standing Tall: The Marvel of Our Existence is Incredible"

2012 February Newsletter #213. What’s Going On?


Dr. Bob Gibson Whitney TX 1986

            It was time to lay out the Teaching without bothering to put it in storage.  They decided that the material was so urgent for people to have now and see what people would do with it.  So, about six years ago it was decided to flatly lay it out simply because the time was essential to do it and there wasn’t the time or place in the present man-made world for people to spend 10 or 15 years off in isolation to learn one little point.  So it’s being laid out flat. Now what you’re going to do with it is up to you.  If you want to use it, it’s available.  If you want to ignore it, have fun. But it is being made available.  What’s being made available to all of us today was unheard of 20 years ago.  Now it’s laid out blunt, cold, simple…here it is.  Take it, use it and live or you can ignore it and leave it laying there.  It’s not going to rot.



Dr. Bob Gibson Whitney 1987

            The biggest bar to being happy is trying to be happy.  We’re not talking about being happy.  We’re talking about being conscious



  1. Lives without conflict.
  2. Makes no judgments.
  3. Is happy with what is.
  4. Has no need to change anything or anybody.
  5. Is not controlled by suggestion, although he remembers that he is 100% subject to suggestion, 100% of the time.  He checks it out.
  6. Knows:  What he is, where he is, what is going on, and what he can do
  7. Sees that the negative emotions are not to his advantage and does not identify with them.
  8. Lives in the present moment.
  9. Has no ideals to struggle for.
  10. Is free to experience whatever may arise in his way today.
  11. Has reverence for all Life.
  12. Is in charge of his inner state.
  13. Is at ease and peace wherever he is.
  14. Has no problems, only challenges.
  15. Is self-determined, not other determined.
  16. Can play any role consciously.
  17. If free of all conditioned ideas.
  18. Does not turn his life over to any institution or anything or anyone else.
  19. Is in charge of what he does, how he feels and how he acts.
  20. Has nothing to be upset about.
  21. Is in no hurry.
  22. Sees  ‘what is’ clearly.
  23. Does not listen to propaganda and does not get caught up in causes.
  24. Does things for the joy of doing, not because he has to.
  25. Uses simple good manners.
  26. Is not sentimental.
  27. Does not give advice.
  28. Has no choices to make.
  29. Pays attention.
  30. Does not know what ought to be for anything or anybody, including self.
  31. Makes NOTHING important.
  32. Sees the broad picture
  33. Is grateful for resistance.



Science of Man Lesson 9


So, I is going to observe each of these things that the self has an accounts receivable against someone.  Everyone that seems to owe the self.  Everyone that owes John.  Or everyone that owes Mary. And we are going to record these.  They are reported to X and then we will leave them there. It is very interesting to observe a person that has done this.  They begin to stand up straighter.  They begin to be less nervous.  They are less agitated, less aggravated.  They have removed a tremendous burden.  A great limitation has been removed. A great load has been taken off of the back and the chest. Because all of these are things that are accounts receivable and they are forms of self-pity.  They are forms of justifying anger.  They are forms of justifying held resentment.  And they can even be the form of justifying apathy.  And, of course, one is forever fearful least they make other things that we will have to add accounts receivable against them……

So, let’s awake and observe the many, many accounts receivable.  You cannot forgive them.  You can report to X that they are not valid.  One is seeing an illusion for what it is. And that is seeing the truth of the matter. And when the truth is reported to X, that truth is then used by X to free one of uncleanness, of burdens, of misery and one begins to experience a higher state of being.  One might even be experiencing vital interest for a while.



Dr. Bob Gibson

         We live in that which we radiate…our tone.  We can generate our own environment,  Our mood is our environment.  We can have whatever mood we want.  We can’t blame our mood on the economy,  the weather, the kids, the government or anything else.  Don’t let anyone determine your mood except YOU.  What mood do I want to live in today?



            Play the role of an integrated person and with practice you become that.  Play the role of being conscious.  We write the script, choose the role, write the plot, direct the part and play the role.  Then I am developing consciousness.


To live without conflict is like being let out of a dungeon and out in the sunlight.


The only way I can harm anyone is 1) physical violence; 2) agree with them they are a victim.


The best reporting is in how you act, not what you say.  Some one said, “What you are speaks so loudly I can’t hear what you’re saying.”


If you’re not trying to be non-disturbed, you will have no fear.


We’re always going to experience whatever comes our way today.  So we might as well experience it gracefully, rather than kicking and screaming.


“What will people think” is a sick or invalid question.


The people we find obnoxious are part of the degree team who teach us the most valuable thing we will ever have, which is consciousness;  to discover what we are—a Spirit indwelling a body.



When I was nine, my great aunt gave me a wonderful black, upright Kimball piano.  I took piano lessons for the next nine years, which developed a love for music.  I played for the glee clubs, orchestra and other musical groups in high school.  Since graduating from high school in 1950 I had not played the piano. Several years ago my brother, who lives in New York, was visiting and he bought me an electronic piano.  So I am playing again and it’s great fun.

However, I have to re-learn how to read music and find the right keys.  I’ve noticed that when I pay attention to the notes, it doesn’t take much time to learn the piece.  If I play mechanically and the mind is on something else, no learning comes about –none!

So, I attend a school called Life and Life brings into my experience whatever I need to evolve.  If I pay attention and experience everything consciously, I learn from it.  If I am unconscious and live the day mechanically, I have wasted the school day and missed the gift Life had prepared for me.

Playing the piano again is uncovering another little dark spot.  I find when I play alone I don’t make many mistakes.  Then when someone is watching, I am uncomfortable and fumble the keys and miss the notes.   Ah, the self is still hanging on to being concerned with what ‘other people think’!  Discomfort is the signal that I am operating from an erroneous, conditioned idea.  I now have an opportunity to be aware of that illusion again and report it to X.

One of the lines in Dr. Bob’s video SEEKING THE ROSE is:  “The journey will educate you and make you wise enough to understand and to responsibly accept your inheritance and its functions and duties when you return.”  If that is the case, it is a matter of life and death that I pay attention, wake up, live in the present moment and observe the conditioning.  Life will educate me when I am conscious enough to see it.



If I can survive death I can probably survive anything.

My arms are aching to hold you.  Or is it arthritis?

I need a good imaginary cure for my painful imaginary ailment.

What should I do if all my problems aren’t solved by the time I die?