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2015 August Newsletter

What’s Going On? #84

ALONG THE WAY:  Second force (Resistance) is part of the divine plan. It is to our advantage to embrace it.

THIS MONTH’S THOUGHT:  If someone annoys us or pushes our button, we have not mastered ourselves.  Everyone who shows up in our life has something to teach us.

REGARDING MUSHKIL GUSHA: (Excerpts from a talk by Dr. Bob Gibson)

As long as it’s Thursday evening we will commemorate Mushkil Gusha. It has been said many times that Mushkil Gusha’s story is known by many names in many lands and many times not even known as Mushkil Gusha, but the theme is practically the same. Mushkil Gusha is the remover of all difficulties and obviously is of a spiritual nature.  And the nearest thing probably in the English language that would fit it would be called the Holy Ghost or the Paraclete.  We know that the Paraclete or the Holy Ghost or X is in every human being, lives with them, does their breathing, does their seeing, does their hearing, does their tasting, and everything.  Certainly it would be well worthwhile to be commemorative of X on at least Thursday evening.

Now communication between X and Awareness can be a two-way street.  Basically it’s a one-way street because the awareness is so busy getting what it wants and responding to stimuli and etc. that it never really hears anything from X.  But X will communicate to awareness in very plain discussion.  Now most of the time we get it by symbols and then we try to shut it up.  So if a person has a pain, it is X, Life, Spirit in that person, Mushkil Gusha, that is trying to tell the person that something is not functioning right and they could do something about it.  But ordinarily the person doesn’t want to hear that.  So they do something to make themselves incapable of hearing X or Mushkil Gusha, the remover of difficulties. So they cover it up and use many, many forms of things from distractions to drugs to alcohol, to many other means of effort to keep from hearing X talking to them in the symbol.  In order to hear X, you have to be somewhat quiet.   The old woodcutter sometimes would sit down.  He was at the end of his rope.  He didn’t know where to go and Mushkil Gusha told the old woodcutter, “When your need is great enough and your want is small enough”, only when your want is small enough, does the mind become quiet enough for the two-way communication to take place and be heard.  As long as the wants are yammering away as loud as they can, obviously, we never hear that voice of X coming though the other way.  But when the want was little, small enough and the need was great enough then Mushkil Gusha appeared to remove the difficulty.

Now what really happens is fairly easy if we stop to see that our mind has to be quiet before we can pick up communication from X.  In other words, X is not going to scream and holler and kick at the door like a banchi.  It is calm, serene and peaceful.  But is does respond and it does hear for all that’s asked of it.  We sometimes call it reporting, but no matter whether you ask or report or tell or whatever, as long as the need is great enough and the want is small enough that the conditioned or fragmented awareness can be quiet long enough for it to hear, then there is information that comes through.

Now in the story of the old woodcutter, it seems when he forgot that terrible things happened to him.  That’s not because he forgot, that he was being punished in any way whatsoever, because X loves its awareness and its body continually.  But when he paid no attention to it all of his attention from higher consciousness level got away and he got concerned with a hundred and one things and was not thinking of Mushkil Gusha.  We’d say he was asleep.  Being spiritually awake is possibly being in a condition of service without being thought of that I have to do this, I must do it, or in any other way, but it’s there, let’s do it.

So if we can begin to see that if we can have a quiet mind, and the only way we can have a quiet mind is not to have a lot of wants because if we want a bunch of things the mind is yammering constantly and conniving as to how to get it.  Let’s see if we can have ourselves in a mental condition that we can see something that is needed.  We can say that it will be taken care of and be quite willing to serve, but we have no desire to say how it will come about.  As the Scripture says, “Strange and wondrous is the way of the Lord.”  Lord being X, Awareness, Life, whatever word one wants to use there that is constantly communicating to the conscious mind or the Awareness and using it if it will allow it to be used.  But most often the conscious mind, the educated awareness, is so cock-sure that it knows exactly what ought to be, how it ought to be done, and etc., and its wants are so great in its yammering away that it never hears the voice of Life, which is Wisdom Itself. And possibly would be the only really transforming situation in a human life–All the action in a person’s life is determined by X.   The awareness sees what is but doesn’t see what ought to be done about it, how it ought to be done, or anything else.  Its job is to see what is without judgment.  And it knows that things will be all right without going into all the detailing of trying to tell the Creative Power what to do.

So I think if we can remember that Mushkil Gusha is a name for Life, for the inherent Spirit that emanates man.  Without that Spirit there, there is a dead body lying around.  It is quite capable and willing of communicating to us if we stop to listen, now and then anyway.  And it can take care of all sorts of things if it’s allowed to do so without the interference.  But evidently it is extremely polite and does not interfere in any way.  It does take care of things in many and strange wondrous ways.  So, I think that would cover the story of Mushkil Gusha for tonight.  And we appreciate always remembering to consider it and possibly just Thursday night is not quite adequate.  Probably if everyday in the week was thought about it, probably even better.

A STORY:  When I lived in Dallas I was given an exotic plant called a Clivia.  This beautiful plant had blooms 5 to 8 inches in diameter surrounded by many sturdy broad leaves, somewhat like a Lily plant.  The move from Dallas to Whitney in 1995 was on a hot (103 degrees) day in July. This lovely Clivia endured much trauma and barely survived the trip leaving only 3 leaves hanging on.   For the past 6 years this plant has been nurtured with fertilizer, water and light.  In fact it was moved several times to find a spot in the house where it was happy.  It was rather picky)

Last week I thought I saw a dead leaf on it and started to pull it off.  Suddenly I stopped.  It was blooming!  I was breathless!

The bloom was innate within the plant all along.  When the right conditions were provided, along with PATIENCE, it actualized or function optimally.

There are lovely blooms and beauty in all of us.  We shine the Light of self-observation and do the work of the Teaching and we can become a whole, integrated being, blooming where we are planted.  My stumbling block is to be patient.  I have heard Dr. Bob say,  “Don’t push.  Let Life unfold naturally”.

The self wants to push, get it fixed, get everything tidied up, and take care of all the loose ends so it can be comfortable and non-disturbed.  PATIENCE IS THE WILLINGNESS TO BE UNCOMFORTABLE.

I am free to experience impatience.



  1. If we do not respond to the circumstances Life has given us, they will continue to occur.  If we are trying to avoid unpleasant circumstances we will run into them again and again and again.
  2. How much time do we spend trying to get others to ‘see the light’?
  3. We try to use the brain as a fortune getter so we can make decisions that will not be disturbing.
  4. We will not pay attention until our value is to see what is going on.
  5. It is not difficult, but it is tedious, to practice paying attention to the conditioning arising until it becomes second nature to observe it.
  6. It is no small matter to commit ones self to making something of first value.  First value is a state of being.  What state of being do I want to have?
  7. The GREAT LIE:  Circumstance determines our inner state.
  8. If we determine that we’re in charge, then the circumstances are insignificant.
  9. Suggestion tells us that circumstances determine our inner state.
  10. As long as we blame circumstances for our inner state, they are insurmountable.
  11. Our #1 job is to make a total commitment to be responsible for our inner state of being.  It is the most valuable commitment we make.  Without doing this, everything else is nothing.
  12. When you approve or disapprove of me you are only telling me something about you and your tastes.  It has nothing to do with me.
  13. We are invited to this planet to work on the project of building a colony or home for conscious beings.