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What Will People Think?


We’ve all heard the phrase, “I buy things I don’t need with money I don’t have to impress people I don’t like.” Hmmmm.

I’ve been watching how much of my behavior is controlled by “what will people think”. So I came up with a list of questions I ask myself.

1. Do I pretend to agree with someone, even though I don’t?

2. Do I worry about what I wear to avoid being disapproved of?

3. Do I say “yes” when I mean “no”?

4. Do I leave a bigger tip when someone may be watching?

5. What am I doing?

6. Do I stretch the story to put myself in a good light?

7. Do I drop impressive names or places for effect?

8. Do I shift my position in a conversation to gain approval?

9. Am I thoroughly honest or am I kidding myself and others?

10. Is my behavior based on what I ‘should’ do or ‘ought to do’?


It is very easy for me to slide into the ‘victim’ role. This has been a hot summer, or rather, I have allowed the heat to influence my inner state. Victim of the weather? I would have to say that is accurate. I’m old enough to remember the days when we didn’t have air-conditioning. None… Continue Reading


6 CONSIDERATION Consideration is an attribute of a conscious person. There is more to it than meets the eye. Several months ago a friend had an eight-year old from Oregon as a house guest for a week. He was a neat young man and I invited them over for dinner. It was my impression that… Continue Reading

Resisting Change

Many of you know I lived with a roommate, a parakeet named Bradford. For the first several months we were together, his purpose for living was to escape from his cage. Whenever the cage door was opened, he fluttered in a flurry of flying, trying to find the way out of captivity. He was single-minded… Continue Reading

A Story

“All judgment is based on a misconception.” When I first heard this statement, I thought I had heard it wrong. This couldn’t be true! My judgments are accurate and valid. However, I did start checking it out. Life cooperated by giving me endless opportunities to do just that. Before long I was seated by someone… Continue Reading

It’s Party Time!

How would I act if I really believed that I am at a Party? What would my inner state of being be if I really knew this Truth….that I am a privileged invited guest on this beautiful estate called Earth at an incredible Party, put on by the Host, Life? This is probably the reality… Continue Reading

Kick the Fan

The house I live in faces the west northwest.  So, the summer afternoons on the deck are a bit warm.  Well, they’re more than warm.  They are almost intolerably suffocating. .  Last year I bought a 20-inch fan to circulate the air and I could then sit in relative comfort to watch the sunset or… Continue Reading