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2011 July Newsletter #204. What’s Going On?

ALONG THE WAY: When my needs are great enough and my wants are small enough, all difficulties are removed.


THIS MONTH’S THOUGHT: How much time do I spend trying to get others to see the Light?


SCIENCE OF MAN – LESSON TWENTY-ONE: (Continued from last month)

Now in self-improvement programs which is the work of the world if one hasn’t improved, then one is criticizing self because one hasn’t improved. Isn’t that right? So, we are not concerned with any self-improvement program. We’re not concerned with ideals. We’re not concerned with blaming. We’re not concerned with feeling guilty or self-recrimination. We are concerned in revealing all that is dark and bringing everything to the Light, so that there is Light in every area within the self; that all conditioning is gradually brought to the Light. One sees it, which is confession. One sees that one surrenders the desire to go with it and to agree with that. One turns about from it. One begins to see differently. And then something one could formally not make up one’s mind about, one can. And it’s all in a matter of degrees. It is not an absolute in either direction. You’ll find there are many things you can’t make up your mind about right now. But, when you do, you have found some place to look, have you not? And you’ve found something to be very thankful for, that there is still a cranny to throw the Light on, the Light of self-observation, I observing the self. And as one discovers this, one finds one can make up one’s mind about a few more things. This is somewhat of a parable of the man who had five talents, gave one of his servants five talents, and the servant took it and made five more. Another one he gave two talents, and he took those two and made two more. And another man only had one, gave him one talent and he went and buried it in the earth so he wouldn’t lose it. He was trying to be safe and he was cursed and the others were given great rewards. We’re not talking about rewards because the Work is it’s own reward. To live in Light has its own reward. It doesn’t need any further one. One is being obedient to one’s nature and is performing as one’s own state designates, one’s nature calls for, is to be aware.

The not-Is, the conditioning, which is formed personalities, which rule and operate and intimidate man are very cunning and very wise. They can only operate in the dark. The Teaching shows us how to throw the Light on them. Shows us what the Light is, the Light of attention; the Light of attention to the self, the conditioned area. It is something Not-I, so it can be observed and is not like having one’s attention on self when one was conditioned, and totally occupied within it. It is seeing something separate, something that does effect, though. And as one observes this, one finds that faith is an ever-increasing thing. It is an ever-increasing attribute, an ever-increasing experience. One experiences more and more faith because one can make up one’s mind about more and more things. Because one has observed more of the limiting not-Is, the accusing, the threatenings, the one that says, “Of course, you can’t do that, of course that’s impossible, and etc.” But, as one observes these, one finds that one grows in faith, and that one grows in Light, because one throws more and more Light on that inner state. And I can sometime move into that inner being and be totally all of it, but we are concerned with seeing how much of it is still returned. And the Teaching says that one can attempt to make up one’s mind, and if you find you cannot, that there is doubts arise, then that is not something to be upset about, but something to be very thankful for, to throw the Light of self-awareness on that idea, that not-I, that bit of conditioning that formed a limiting personality that threatens I and says, “Of course, that can’t be.” And I no longer agrees with it, but throws the Light on it. And none of the conditioning or the Not-Is, can exist in Light. They have to depend on the darkness. So the greatest gift is to be able to use that Light, that Light of attention and the self, and the awareness. And as one sees it, one sees how all others that one associates with are functioning and begins to have more and more of the sense of agape, love; is in a new state in the Kingdom of Heaven, here and now. And if it goes on and on, it is supposed to not end. If one continues to observe, the Kingdom of Heaven is without end. So one observes and one sees and one grows in the Kingdom of Heaven. One grows in faith. One grows in the appreciation of grace and how much grace one sees. One experiences confession, yes. Still whenever there is one not-I operating and it can be seen. One has experienced confession anew. Surrender, repentance or turning about, (not feeling guilty, etc,) but really turning about in another direction and of being washed from that limitation. It is indeed a gift.


A STORY: Its easy for me to forget that I make things important. Dr. Bob used to say “Nothing is important. We MAKE it important. All was going well before we got here and will continue to do so after we’re gone. So….how important is it?” I wholeheartedly agree. However, I forget!

Last week my neighbor pointed out that my car was missing a hubcap. I had no idea when or where this had happened. I took this personally as if my car were an extension of me (which I sometimes feel that it is). This framework of metal, rubber and fabric is my friend, companion and mentor. Now it was disfigured. Bummer!

When I finished my emotional fit and became more sane, I realized that in the broad scheme of things this was not a big deal. Life would go on.

However, the incident was meaningful to me. Since then I have felt glitches start arising in my stomach (which are a sure sign that “self” is making something important) I immediately change the words to “In the broad scheme, this is not a big deal”. The relief and release that I feel is instantaneous.

The physical body is not equipped to handle the adrenaline produced when I make something important. I cannot afford to do that to myself.

NOTHING IS A BIG DEAL. NOTHING IS IMPORTANT!!! The Truth of this really does set me free.


ONENESS: (Excerpt from a portion of a Maryland Workshop 12/78 – Dr. Bob Gibson)

When you begin to see what you really are, that you are an “essence” or a “reality” which is desire and will, which is spirit, but it’s the most real thing in the world. That’s the nature of what we call Life. Life desires to grow. You put a seed in the ground under proper circumstances and it starts growing – it expands—it sticks out—it wants to build itself a motor function and an awareness function of some sort.

Anything that exhibits Life has these two essentials: the essence and the reality. The real I is there. When you see what you really are, you also see that everybody else is that. They have desires and will—they are the reality. You look at a person in the eyes and see something back there looking out at you. If that person is not alive, there’s nothing looking at you. So when one gets to the point of seeing what one really is, one has an intense awareness of all beings as being the same I

Now let’s take it that there were only two people left when a big explosion went off. I would sure take care of you. I would find out what is meant by the word love. I’d be thinking of you as the biggest necessity to me in the world. I wouldn’t try to exploit you, use you, abuse you or steal anything from you. I’d see that you were sheltered. I’d see that you were warm. I’d do everything I possibly could. It wouldn’t be because I should or ought to, or that it’s a must, or I was worried that you wouldn’t like me. I’d be doing it because I really want to in no uncertain terms. Now if you stop to look a moment, we’re always in that shape. At any one moment there’s only one other person beside me, that’s you. Now if I should ever get down to seeing that is what it’s all about—as though there was not another person on the earth except you—I’d sure want to take good care of you. It would be what I wanted to do in no uncertain terms, right?

And then I would know what the meaning of love means as we’re using it now. It’s beyond agape. It’s beyond eros. It’s beyond pia. It’s beyond philo. Now that is the kind of love that the great Teacher tried to get across to us. So one sees what it would be like if there was only one person on earth, other than you. You begin to find out the meaning of the word love. Is there are reason, just because there happens to be a few billion people walking around, that it’s really any different. I couldn’t get along without other people—whether it’s one or a while bunch of them. So they become very precious and something special to you. A human being suddenly has the appearance of being something extremely precious when you can consider that you and the other person are the only ones—that person would be beyond all preciousness to you at that time—would they not?

Now when we begin to see that, we can have an experience this moment by what is meant by love. And that’s the way you can see everybody around us, because they are precious to us—really.



No one can think or say anything about “Me”. They can only express what they feel when I’m the subject of their thoughts or speaking. (Page 8)

Whether I like it or not, “this too will pass.” Why bother to like it or dislike it? Just experience it until it passes away. (Page 9)

Without agape, one is really not human, much less a spiritually evolved man. (Page 12)

One not knowing self can accept little responsibility for his state. He feels he is a victim of powerful forces outside himself. (Page 12)

When one sees an illusion for what it is, one ceases to struggle for it. (Page 12)

Teaching man to be good to gain future rewards and escape punishments, places grievous burdens on him. Guilt, bigotry, hate, fear and anxiety are brought into being and maintained. (Page 13)

If one remembers that one is 100% subject to suggestion 100% of the time, one is not controlled by suggestion. (Page 14)



1. I am currently going through a difficult transition period called “Life.”

2. Bring me a dictionary: I want to know the meaning of LIFE!

3. Of course I have a purpose: To find a purpose.








The following are some of the one-liners from the Teaching material. They are all verbatim quotes taken from the huge volume of information left to us by this Master Teacher.


The kingdom of God is peace, joy, balance, NOT a place


We can be peaceful and non-disturbed this moment. When we want future peace or safety, it is turned into a goal or ideal or illusion.


It is always now. When we see there is no future, we can live NOW.


I don’t have to change anything or anybody. I can always take a walk.


Until we find something of more value than the four dual basic urges we will continue to live from them.


What would be the greatest good to me right now? To be safe? Secure? Right?


There is nothing wrong with working to be non-disturbed. It’s only when I feel entitled to be non-disturbed. We want assurance that we will have enough money, feel good, be safe, and comfortable. We are divine beings and we deny our birthright when we want assurances.


We are spiritual beings with a body.


What is I? I owns nothing. Ownership is being sound asleep. “Have” implies ownership. I am agape, not have agape. I is being. I am.


Ask for enlightenment, wisdom and understanding and all other things are added.


Regeneration: Return to Oneness.


To know the will of God we have to be free of conditioning.


We can check up on how conditioned we are by observing if we live at peace.


Conflict: difference between what is and my ideal of what I think ought to be.


Agape: Understand that whatever anyone (including self) is doing at the moment of doing they feel it is right, proper or justified.


Without agape we are DEAD.


We look for an authority because we don’t want to be responsible.


Lying is convincing myself of the reality of my conclusions. When we tell the truth, transformation takes place.


We usually try to justify our sense of limitations.


We are pure Spirit.


Non-disturbance is a by-product of being free to experience. We will have challenges, but not problems.


See everything as a challenge, not as a threat.


When you are not trying to change anything there is peace. Then higher Mind develops.


We can ask for enlightenment.


What is, is reality. What ought to be is illusion.


We are free to feel un-safe. There is no way to insure that we will be safe. We are free to be without anything.


Disappointment leads to feeling hurt. Then we look for blame. All this leads to anger, fear, guilt and insecurity. This is stress which the body is not designed to handle. So, the body adapts, which is called illness. We would literally explode if the body didn’t adapt to stress.


A quiet mind is impossible if we are making anything important.


Self-pity: self tells a sad story of self which produces a chemical called DACHA, which is highly addictive.


Pay attention to this moment. If we are not, our awareness is fragmented.


We cannot change by will power. That is self-improvement and will not work. When we are aware without judgment, it changes us. It comes to an end. This is the only way to transformation.


The Life Principle works with us. Once we have a new purpose we are bound to evolve.


There is Christ, Life Principle, in every thing that moves.


If you want to be safe and comfortable, forget about regeneration.


JOY is watching this Great Intelligence handle every situation.


All we can do is report what we’re sensing. That is being obedient to our nature. I am dis-obedient to my nature when I judge.


Anxiety: when I want something to be different than it is.


We blame when we feel inferior.


We cannot define X. We can only see it work


Being aware that we are the problem maker brings about a state where there is no problem maker.


Fear is the result of wanting to be safe.


When we know we are a privileged invited guest on the Planet at a great Party put on by the Host, Life, we are in communication with the Host.


There are no answers to “why” questions.


Our responsibility is to be conscious.


We wake up when we see the necessity of it.


If you want to be safe, you have fear.


No one is ever punished or rewarded. There is only balance.


We are here only to describe facts, not to win a popularity contest. I don’t care if you like me or don’t like me.


Picture of Man: the key to knowledge of self, without which we are lost.


The mind is constantly creating opposites. This creates confusion.


Do we believe or do we know? All we KNOW is that WE’RE HERE.


When the mind is quiet, we make discoveries.


Peace: when we don’t want to change anything.


The Not-I’s have only one purpose: Destroy the living being.


We do not have to condemn or prove anything.


Lay down unwholesome things when we see they are unwholesome.


Agape allows us to pass from death to life.


Live with uncertainty and be happy about it.


Anything we depend on we are in bondage to.


When we assume a person it not responsible we harm them.


Do we want to be safe or free?


Do we want to be peaceful or conditioned? We can’t have both.


Guilt is non-peace.


A human being is a point of awareness.


We cannot evolve in consciousness if we are competing.


Meaning of words: Love, devotion, worship, God: These words cannot be defined. Don’t use beautiful words that have no meaning.